Season 4 Episode 12

The Office Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on TNT

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  • Worst episode of the season and probably the series.


    The story device of a Office parody just destroys this episode. Although Parker has some good lines it just doesn't make up for the complete lack of good story. Even the guy who has a problem at the start of the episode (as in every episode) doesn't make sense, and there just doens't seem any reason for the crew to even start the job. I hope there are no more episodes like this one.

  • Not worth your time to watch it!


    Leverage is one of my favourite shows which is the only reason I watched this episode all the way to the end. It was beyond silly, almost to the point of annoying and not worth watching. I hope that the rest of the season is up to the normal standard.

  • Boring. First time I didn't ENJOY a Leverage episode. While it's great to try something different, all the magic was lost.


    Some shows have done a bang-up job bring in a "reality show" spin into the production style, this sadly wasn't one of those times.

    While it's great to try something different (and I had hoped for a true winner here) unfortunately it was very dry and zzzzzzzz.

    Overall in this season it seems the characters have been losing their magic appeal and general likeability, but this episode was perhaps the worst I have seen in the entire series.

  • This was bad

    I love this show, have seen every episode but this one I could not finish. It was just really really really boring. I am not sure if they are using young directors who have no idea what are they doing or else but this was disappointing.
  • The Office Job

    I give the show credit for being creative and coming up with an Office parody. I think a lot of people who disliked the episode, disliked it because they don't know what they were mocking.

    That being said, it really was not a stellar episode of the show tonight, in fact outside of a few moments it was borderline dull. Not one of the worst ever, but really boring as a whole.
  • Another Dud


    First off, i used to love leverage, but now i just feel like they jumped the shark.

    Drama with a touch of comedy is what it used to be, But now they are just trying to get a laugh every minute and this is not comedy.

    Its hard to watch from beginning to end, Great actors being wasted on a crappy script.

  • the office job...

    i like leverage generally, but the office-like episode was extremely boring and too predictable.

    Sorry but I am not an Office fan,so after the first 15 minutes i skipped to the end.
  • a great episode

    loved it! it was so funny, elliot and hardison thing with the sandwich was so funny
  • Best Levagrage Episode This Season!

    I don't agree to the low rating. The tribute to The Office was perfect. It was the funniest chapter! "the sandwich is an ACTUAL sandwich!" LOL :)
  • This episode was great. Very different to standard Leverage episodes.


    This episode was great. Very different to standard Leverage episodes. The documentary style take on it was interesting, and the sandwich argument and Parkers dinosaur drawing was brilliant. This episode was far from a dud from what other people are saying.

    Not every episode has to be action heist drama all the time. Also Beth Reisgraf is the star of the show yet again. Here's hoping there's a season 5.

  • One of the funniest episode so far!


    I did enjoy this episode!

    To start with, Leverage is per se a parody of so many series with bad guys doing good. Actually, nothing new.

    This episode is just a parody of the series, and thus a parody of a parody.

    As Moonlighting did many years ago, the filming crew is on-stage in this episode, as authentic as the euro bank-notes printed are false.

    And all actors are invited to face the camera and talk about his/her own character.

    The consultant team is nothing short from reality. The European temptation is forgotten by the American football happy ending.

    I hope more episodes will follow exploring this des-constructed way.