Season 2 Episode 3

The Order 23 Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2009 on TNT

Episode Recap

Eddie Maranjian, a convicted hedge-fund manager, is standing trial at a courthouse in Belbridge, Massachusetts. The judge invites him to apologize to his victims, who are in attendance, but Eddie refuses. The judge gives him eighteen months at a minimum-security prison in return for his testimony to the Feds against Armenian mobsters he helped finance. One of his victims, Ronald, pulls out a gun and prepares to shoot Eddie as he leaves the courtroom and goes into Federal custody. Nate stops him from shooting, although Ronald punches Eddie once before the criminal is escorted away. Nate gets Ronald outside and introduces the rest of the team. Ronald explains that his wife was one of Eddie's victims and that she died in a hospital after they lost all their money. Nate explains that Eddie managed to hide much of his stolen money that the police could never find. Now all they need is plan to get Eddie to reveal where he hid it. As they talk, Nate notices that Eddie left behind a bottle of hand sanitizer and figures the man is a germophobic. The two Federal marshals, Robert and Charlie, stand guard over Eddie as they prepare to transfer him to the prison. Eddie is happy to boast to Charlie about how he ripped off his minority clients by playing on their desperation. Parker climbs through a ventilator duct to an air vent directly about Eddie, and then dribbles a drug into his water bottle. Eddie drinks it and collapses, and Nate volunteers his services as a doctor. He diagnoses Eddie with a head injury from Ronald's punch and tells the marshals they need to take Eddie to the nearby hospital to perform an MRI. The team gets there first and takes over the empty eighth floor, currently used for storage. They set up Eddie's room and Alec sets up loudspeakers in the hall outside. He has a variety of sound effects programmed on the computer system and quickly gives Nate a rundown on how to use the control board. They have two hours to get the location of the hidden money from Eddie while they distract the marshals by running a fake MRI. Parker, dressed as an orderly, goes to get Eddie and sprays the handles of his wheelchair with another drug. Alec and Eliot dress as local police officers and Alec reviews Star Trek code signals with a disinterested Eliot. Eliot notices a father, Randall Trask, bringing his son Randy in to get his broken arm treated. He listens skeptically as Randall claims Randy was injured in a skateboard accident. Parker takes Eddie into the MRI chamber and has the marshals wait outside. Nate notices the rash Eddie hands on his hands due to the drug and has Parker take him to the eighth floor. Parker acts shocked and nervous when she hears she's going to the eighth floor. They put a dummy in the MRI chamber to convince the marshals that Eddie is still there for the two-hour scan. To keep them distracted, Alec and Eliot bring Charlie and Robert doughnuts and introduce themselves. Parker takes Eddie to the prepared room and handcuffs him to the bed. She leaves and Eddie discovers he has a roommate, Sophie. She keeps scratching at herself and talking loudly. Parker watches the exchange with Nate on the hidden camera, and Nate explains that they're going to work on Eddie psychologically to convince him that he's sick. Eddie turns on the rigged TV and catches tail end of a news broadcast about some kind of outbreak. He finally notices that Sophie is scratching at the same rash that he has on his hands. Parker comes to collect Sophie and Nate plays a pre-recorded tape of a conversation in the hallway between two representatives of the Center for Disease Control as they discuss Order 23. The victim of a car accident is brought into the hospital and an orderly wheels him into the MRI for immediate testing. When she discovers that there's a dummy, Robert and Charlie realize that something is going on. Eliot and Alec try to do what they can and suggest that they search the hospital first before notifying their superiors. Nate listens in on the headsets and puts the plan into action immediately, broadcasting the sounds of panicked people in the hallway outside Eddie's room. They put Sophie back in the room and she starts to fake further symptoms. Nate and Parker race in, draw the separating curtains, and unsuccessfully try to revive her. Eddie demands answers but they quickly wheel her body out of the room. Charlie and Robert go over the hospital security footage of the exits while Alec steals their keys. He notices that they drove separate cars, raising his suspicions. He suggests that Eddie doubled back and hid in the hospital. He tries to call Eliot, who is distracted again as he checks on Randy. In his hospital room, Eddie's nose starts bleeding on his own as he convinces himself that he's sick. Alec finally goes to check on the cars and tells Eliot to watch the marshals. Eliot isn't listening: he's talking to Randall. He hauls him into a stairway and demands the truth. Randall is unimpressed by Eliot's fake police uniform and insists he's just providing for his family and should be left alone. Nate and Sophie spot a security guard checking out the eighth floor. Sophie dons a hazmat suit, meets him, and directs him to a surgical shower for decontamination, explaining that he's sick. Alec searches the marshals' cars and discovers that Charlie's is a rental. He finds execution and cover-up equipment in the trunk and realizes that the man is impersonating a Federal marshal. Charlie's actually a hit man hired by the Armenians to eliminate Eddie. Inside the hospital, Charlie calls the local police station and confirms that Alec and Eliot are fakes. Eliot, unaware of what Alec has discovered, meets with Charlie in the morgue. Alec gets on the intercom and sends one of his Star Trek emergency signals. Eliot has no idea what he's talking about, but recognizes his voice. He blocks Charlie's gunshot with a morgue drawer and then gets close enough to disarm and knock the hit man out. Nate visits the near-hysterical Eddie and explains that Sophie died of a weaponized virus created by the Soviets. Nate starts scratching at his hands and then collapses. Parker rushes in and tries to revive Nate, dragging him out of the room and leaving Eddie alone again. Eliot stores Charlie in a morgue drawer and lets Alec know that he's okay. They spot Robert on the monitors and realize he's heading for the eighth floor as he searches for Eddie. With time running out, Parker puts the con into high gear. She handcuffs the delirious Nate to the bed next to Eddie and says they're under Order 23. Eddie offers her $400,000 to get him. Nate tries to stop them but Parker ignores him and frees Eddie. As they leave, Eddie spots the security guard in the shower room. Eddie knocks him out and takes his taser. Robert searches the eighth floor and finds Eddie's tie beneath the bed. He puts out an APB and Alec and Eliot are forced to duck out of sight as the real police arrive. Eliot goes to see Randy and tells him that he needs to tell the police that his father beat him. Randy warns that his dad is drinking buddies with the local cops and they won't believe him. Alec tells Eliot they have to go and Eliot reluctantly leaves. Parker takes Eddie through the boiler room to the outside door. As soon as he sees it, he jabs the taser into her side, stunning her. He steals a car and drives to… the courthouse. He hid the money in an air vent inside of a utility college. He comes out only to find Parker and the others waiting for him. She punches him and the team takes the money. Parker was wearing an insulated protective garment. Eddie warns them that he can identify them all. They let him run outside as the police arrive. However, they're not interested in hearing his story. They have the security guard's testimony that Eddie attacked the man, and footage of Eddie tasering Parker. Now that Eddie has committed violent crimes, he's violated the conditions of his easy sentence and they can put him away. Nate and the others watch, and Nate admits that the entire thing was set up to get Eddie to panic and violate his sentencing guidelines. Later, Alec and Eliot take Robert back to the morgue and explain that Charlie is actually a hit man and Eddie has been arrested. They show him the unconscious Charlie and guide him away. When Charlie starts to wake up, Eliot knocks him out before the hit man can explain they're fake cops. Eliot then tells Robert that they're going to let him take all the credit for capturing the hit man and saving the day. When Robert wonders what he can do to thank them, Eliot gives him Randy's address. Later, Eliot watches from across the street as Robert goes to the Trask household and convinces Randy to testify against his father.
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