Season 2 Episode 3

The Order 23 Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2009 on TNT

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  • Silly.

    After a strong offering last week with an MMA-themed episode, Leverage returned to its boring, silly, outrageous and immoderate Season 1 self here tonight. The idea of the gang taking over a hospital, finding a vacant floor (that still had hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical equipment mind you) was nothing short of ridiculous and the "characters" created by the crew lacked any originality.

    The ending with the bad guy being written off as crazy, with the gang staring back at him and mocking him, was just done on Burn Notice less than two weeks ago, so it's not just the premise for the show that Leverage ripped off, it's now also individual episodes.
  • Nate and the team go after a Bernie Madoff type con-artist to return at least some of the money he swindled out of his clients. They use a fear of his germs and a stay in the hospital on the way to his short prison stay and probably prolong his stay.

    Nice return to a similar story to some of the best episodes from last season. Basically conning a con artist out of the money he got by stealing from his clients.

    Eddie Maranjian is a hedge-fund money man that has bilked his clients out of their funds. Somehow he pleads a deal that gets him 18 months in a prison vacation spot in Florida. Nate and the crew decide to get the money he has squirreled away and hidden from the authorities to at least return some to the bilked people.

    Eddie seems to be afraid of germs and the team decides to use this against him. They drug him and then put him on an unused floor of a hospital. They convince him he has contracted some kind of disease while at the same time keeping the US Marshal's busy. One of the Marshal's turns out to be a hit man and they catch him as well. After inconvenient the real Marshal they give him the collar of the hit man and make it look like Eddie was trying to escape. Eliot see a child while they are in the hospital that has some bruises and a broken arm. Eliot throws a little curve at a man who's son was obviously being abused and in the end gets the Marshal to go and speak with the child.

    So all in all a feel good episode where the real crook goes to jail even longer than originally sentenced, they get the money for the clients, and a child is saved from his abusive father. Good plot line, setup, and dialogue and no real twists in this one. Thanks for reading...