Season 4 Episode 17

The Radio Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on TNT

Episode Recap

At the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandria, VA, FBI and SWAT forces pull up and surround the building. Meanwhile, Nate watches from inside the office building.

Twelve Hours Earlier

At Latimer Diversified, Nate finishes leaving a message with Sophie, apologizing for missing their dinner date. He then approaches Latimer, who explains that he moved on to the next man on the list after Nate refused to help him. Latimer explains that his new man's entry plan was flawless, but something has gone wrong. Nate figures the new man is going to renegotiate for a better price, but Latimer warns that his man didn't leave the building and will be arrested on Monday and die in prison. However, Nate says that it isn't his problem and leaves.

Back at HQ, Sophie arrives and complains to Nate about missing their dinner date. She realizes that he's packing and Nate says that he's going on his own to deal with something personal. Sophie calls in the rest of the team and Hardison quickly confirms that Nate is heading for the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandria. Nate was examining the building's security files and Hardison has verified that they came from Latimer. Hardison figures that the office is holding on to high-profile tech that poses a possible security threat, and tells the team that the on-site security has been upgraded and completely automated with motion sensors and CCTV cameras linked to a master computer. Parker figures it's a two-man job and Nate couldn't have handled it on his own, and plots a route in through the skylight.

In Alexandria, Nate is taking photos of the building when Eliot and Hardison find him. They remind him that if it's about Latimer, it involves all of them. Nate says he'll explain why he's working for Latimer later, and right now he plans to pull the fire alarm and then go in posing as an arson investigator. However, he admits that it isn't a great plan.

Parker, Eliot, and Hardison head for the roof on their own and she prepares to drop down through the skylight. Hardison realizes that a multi-story drop is involved and tries to back out, but Eliot and Parker put the harness on him. She warns him that if he touches the walls or windows, he'll set off the motion sensors. Hardison agrees as long as they take it slow, and they promptly shove him off the balcony, and he makes it down safely.

Hardison gets into the computer center and tells the team that the video cameras can't see them, but the system only has a two-hour buffer. Nate and Eliot head for the archive and discover that the door is open. Eliot refuses to let Nate go in alone, but Nate insists that he'll explain later and his teammate reluctantly goes on a sweep. Nate enters the archive room and finds his father Jimmy seated at a desk, going through files and listening to talk radio. Jimmy isn't surprised that his son is there, but insists that he isn't stuck. He points out that the last time they met, Nate sent him back to Ireland., and wonders why he's worried about him now. Nate tells him that Latimer is using Jimmy to get to his crew and they need to get out of the building before they reset the alarms. Jimmy refuses, explaining that he's getting $2 million to take a patent application out of the building, and takes out his gun.

The rest of the team arrive and wonder why they're helping Jimmy when Nate said they were done with him. Nate insists on helping Jimmy and explains that Latimer hired his father to recover a patent application sent in 20 years ago. All Latimer provided was a name and address, and there are almost 500,000 patents to sort through. They wonder how Latimer will make a profit and Nate figures that they have to find the application to get their answer. Hardison wanders off to find the top-secret vault and Nate sends Sophie to find him while keeping Parker there to help Jimmy.

Next, Nate checks with Eliot, who figures the building is empty on a Sunday. Two men promptly show up and attack him, and he quickly takes them down. As Eliot warns Nate, a third man shows up and Eliot takes him down with a little more effort.

Sophie enters the warehouse to find Alec, who has located the invention prototypes, including a fake pregnancy belly. He's filled with admiration for their work and Sophie gets him out, saying that they have more pressing problems.

Eliot takes a radio from one of his captives and tells Nate that they're local goons. They had orders to take the patent application from Jimmy, and got in by following the team. Nate figures that they're backup for Latimer, but Eliot points out that they're ex-cons and Latimer has his private security team.

Hardison and Sophie check the document scanner and confirm the identity of the chief archivist, Nelson M. Bartholomew. They call him at home and Hardison poses as a member of the Inspector General's office. He demands to know where Nelson is and they claim that someone filed a patent application on a nuclear trigger. Nelson explains that the applications are filed according to department protocol, and Hardison gets him to tell them what it is. Parker and Nate go to the proper section, narrowing it down to a few hundred, and they prepare to take the records with them back to Boston. However, the FBI pull up and Eliot figures out that the thugs set off the motion sensors when they came in.


Nate figures that they need a clean phone and his father's gun. As the commanding officer, FBI Special Agent Dennis Powell, puts his men into position, Eliot tosses out the phone. Nate calls Powell and claims that he's a protestor. Eliot fires a few shots out the window and Nate tells Powell that he has hostages. He then demands that Powell clear out all law-enforcement personnel, pay him $2 million, and provide a helicopter. Powell agrees but asks for one hostage first. Nate gives him an hour and hangs up, and then tells Sophie to gather some intel from the outside.

Hardison prepares a fake ID for Sophie as a Patent Office employee using one of the invention prototypes. When she wonders if that will be enough, Hardison suggests the pregnancy belly. Sophie puts it on and goes outside, and the FBI get her clear. Powell checks her ID and asks what happened, and Sophie gives him a fake story. She doesn't know how many hostages are there and tells Powell that Nate kept repeating a series of numbers.

Powell calls in a profiler while Sophie calls Nate and tells him the location of the FBI agents around the building. Nate, Parker, and Jimmy figure out how to redirect the men away from the south entrance. Parker and Hardison head off and Nate tells them to run a radio play. Jimmy tells Nate that he doesn't need his help, and the only reason the mob is after him is because Nate set him up. Nate figures that his dad came back to add to his legend, and warns Jimmy that Latimer never would have given him $2 million. Jimmy finally yells at Nate, saying that Latimer was going to kill Nate if Jimmy didn't do the job. Shocked, Nate tells Jimmy that he doesn't need his help with Latimer but Jimmy says that Nate is his son and he has to do it.

The third thug wakes up in the basement and starts to cut himself free.

Sophie calls Nate and warns him that the FBI are about to break in. He has her tell Powell that the numbers have something to do with the Koran. Powell promptly calls in Special Agent Elaine Delacourt with Homeland Security to deal with a terrorist attack. She takes command, overriding Powell.

Hardison tries to put together a radio play using the invention prototypes while Parker plays with the inventions.

Eliot goes to the computer room and realizes that the motion sensors weren't activated. He calls Nate and warns him that someone is messing with Nate and that they're using Latimer as a front man.

Sophie realizes that Delacourt isn't buying her story. Nate tells her to get out of there and she pours water out and claims that her water has just broken. The EMTs take her away on Powell's orders, and he smile in satisfaction at having trumped Delacourt.

The third thug finally frees himself.

Parker and Hardison go to a conference room and set up the inventions, including a robot vacuum with a butler doll mounted on it.

Nate has Eliot get into position. When Jimmy points out that Nate is using a complicated plan, his son points out that it's a complicated world and smash-and-grab doesn't work. Jimmy admits that maybe they don't and that he thought he had one more job, but figures that Nate is right and the game has passed him on.

Nate puts his plan into motion. In the ambulance, Sophie gets out of the ambulance at a stoplight. Meanwhile, Eliot calls Powell and claims to be an off-duty Boston cop caught in the building. He tells Powell to rely on his gut and figure that he's a cop, and warns them that the terrorists are ready to open fire. Powell tells Delacourt but she ignores him, and Powell warns Eliot. The first wave of agents head for the door and Parker and Hardison set off the inventions, rigged to simulate gunfire.

Delacourt gets on the radio with Eliot, figuring that he's a terrorist, but the three freed thugs attack Eliot on the glass walkway. Powell and the others spot Eliot being beaten and figure that he's legit, and Delacourt orders her men to stand down. Once the men haul Eliot out of sight, he takes them down and calls Powell to assure him that he's all right.

Jimmy finds the patent application and Nate identifies it as a water filter for a dam. He wonders why Latimer would need water technology, and then tells Hardison to unlock the walkway. Sophie calls and tells them that she's in their van Lucille and heading for the patent office. Eliot checks the thugs' cell phones and confirms that their last incoming call was from Rockford, IL.

The team begins its escape and Eliot calls to warn Powell to stay away from the west exit. The motion sensors go berserk and Powell ignores Delacourt and moves toward the west entrance with his men. Once they move in via the walkway, the team crawls across the floor on the next level of the walkway. Meanwhile, Powell and his men find themselves face-to-face with... a robot vacuum with a butler puppet. They figure it's an IED and open fire.

Nate and the others come out through the other building and find a crowd gathered outside. One bystander tells them that someone called the radio station and said he was going to throw a million dollars off the roof. Nate realizes that his father has slipped away, and that he has the patent. Jimmy called the radio station and set the whole thing up, double-crossing them. Sophie arrives and Eliot says that it's time to go. However, Nate realizes who is behind it and says that they need to find his father and fast.

Nate has Hardison try and trace his father's call to the radio station. Meanwhile, Powell finds the three thugs and figures that they were the terrorists, and that Eliot left them for him. Jimmy calls Nate, who tries to warn his father. However, Jimmy insists that he has everything under control and hangs up. Hardison traces the call to the Baltimore waterfront and the team heads out.

On the waterfront, Jimmy goes to a warehouse and meets with his contact. The man finally tosses over a suitcase that supposedly has the $2 million.

Hardison manages to pinpoint the location down to one of three warehouses and Nate has him call up the ownership records.

Jimmy confirms that the $2 million is in the bag, but reminds the man that Nate is supposed to stay safe. The man casually says that they'll keep that part of the deal and Jimmy tosses him the patent. Another man comes out and knocks Jimmy out, and the first man calls his boss and says that Nate didn't show.

One of the warehouses belongs to Tobin-Casey, a fishing-reel manufacturer. Nate says that it's a shell company that their real opponent owns and then calls Jimmy. Jimmy wakes up and answers his cell phone and Nate tells him that it's a set-up. When Jimmy says that he knows Latimer set him up, Nate says that it's more complicated than that and tells him to walk out. Jimmy looks around and realizes that the warehouse is rigged to explode, and tells Nate as his father to stay out. He insists that it's the first time that he can do a father thing and tells Nate to tell people stories about him. As the van pulls up, Nate gets out and runs toward the warehouse... and Jimmy tells him to tell people how much he loved his son. The warehouse explodes, throwing Nate back. His teammates run to him and confirm that he's alive, and Nate can only stare at the warehouse in shock.

At the Renton Federal Penitentiary in Rockford, Victor Dubenich hangs up the phone and smiles in satisfaction.