Season 3 Episode 11

The Rashomon Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2010 on TNT

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    A different kind of Leverage episode here as the gang was in a bar and we saw flashbacks, not the present, but it was just as boring as the show usually is.

    The ending was predictable as you could tell that Nate was the one who would no what happened to the dagger, or at least I hope you could tell that.

    Leverage is a better show than this, I know that it is, but lately it seems like they are not even trying anymore. 11 episodes in there and there have only been two, maybe three, good episodes so far this season.
  • A light-hearted episode that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    Here we get to see how the characters see each other, starting with the increasingly hilarious accents for Sophie. One of my favorite parts was the interplay between Hardison and Eliot:

    Eliot: I'm gonna go sharpen this knife. Maybe walk around the halls, in the dark. *pause* Don't leave.
    Hardison: *Extremely nervous* OK.. *worried thumbs-up*

    True, it's somewhat predictable in that you know who the remaining characters are going to be in the flashbacks ahead of time (Hardison is the one black guy, Eliot and Parker reprise cover jobs they've had in the past), so few surprises there.

    Overall, a great, light-hearted episode that doesn't take itself too seriously. My favorite episode of the series so far.
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