Season 3 Episode 2

The Reunion Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on TNT
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The team takes on a corrupt software magnate, who is financing overseas terrorists, and must infiltrate the crook's high school reunion.

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  • The Reunion Job

    TNT is giving us a 2 hour Leverage block tonight, and for a few more weeks, to get us situated back to the crime drama and I for one cannot be happier. But these first two episodes were far from the quality we expect from this show, the second one in particular. I thought high school reunion episodes were only on sitcoms, and not dramas, but now that theory is out the window. The whole storyline just a felt bit contrived and forced at time.

    I will say that Gina Bellman was actually enjoyable here trying to flirt with the subject of their heist. Usually she irritates me to no end but here I did not mind her character at all.

    Not the worst Leverage ever, but I certainly hope the next two are better.moreless
Kari Wuhrer

Kari Wuhrer

Miranda Miles/Nikki

Guest Star

Anthony Azizi

Anthony Azizi

Vazerat Agent

Guest Star

J. R. Wickman

J. R. Wickman


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Elliot and Alec are inspecting a restaurant posing as Health Inspectors, Elliot grabs a dishwasher's hand and asks the owner of the restaurant to smell the hand, which is palms down. However on the next scene, the hand is palms up.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Nate: What, are you lurking?
      Eliot: Yeah. I'm a lurker. It's my thing.

    • Parker: For a den of evil spies, this place smells delicious. Hardison, confiscate some pastries.

    • Eliot: Nobody else thinks it's weird that you can just buy anybody's yearbook online?
      Hardison: You know, it's cute, man, how you still believe in privacy.

    • Eliot: Getting bullied in high school is no excuse for propping up dictators. Take Hardison. He got bullied his whole high-school career. He's not criminal
      Sophie: Um...
      Parker: Yeah, he is.
      Sophie: Don't think about that.
      Eliot: Not a bad criminal.
      Hardison: Hey, what makes you think I got bullied in high school?
      Eliot: Well, "A," you got a Green Hornet doll.
      Hardison: First, it's a limited edition action figure. Second it is Green Lantern.
      Eliot: Wow.
      Hardison: Educate yourself. Now pay attention.

    • Parker: Hey. Nate just gave his passwords.
      Hardison: No, but I got all his passwords. You want to see his Netflix queue? He's got like every season of Rockford Files... every season of Sex and the City, that show, Psych.

  • NOTES (2)