Season 2 Episode 10

The Runway Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on TNT

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  • Not my favorite

    This episode seemed to move entirely too fast into the con, in my opinion. It seemed like one minute we're hearing the plight of the Asian lady and the other sweatshop employees and then BAM! - the con is immediately in progress. There was an obvious lack of Hardison's comedic wit, and I always look forward to his hilarity. I did like Nate's getup and accent, and this was probably my favorite aspect of the episode. He plays eccentric, odd, fussy characters so well, and this was no exception. I do happen to like Tara, although I do see how her forwardness could rub some viewers the wrong way, especially in this episode which made her character seem just a bit cheesy. However, that could just be because I'm not a big fan of fashion/runway-focused anything.

    Is is just me, or did the house explosion scene look way too fake? I wasn't expecting the scene to be footage of an *actual* explosion, but this looked so obviously fake and poor quality for a show of this standing. The explosion looked more like something you'd see on a very low budget SyFy channel movie.

    Leverage is overall a terrific show and has that spark of greatness that is rare in programming anymore. I didn't start watching until long after the very last episode was shot when I happened to be in the room while a repeat was on. I don't know how this excellent show escaped my attention when it came out. So glad I finally found it, though!
  • Not bad for the first episode after the hiatus...

    I can admit the con wasn't like the usual the team takes on, but Nate said an explanation after they accepted it: the team is still adjusting to Tara so they're taking on an easy one.

    I liked Elliot trying to dress like those in the fashion world and how Hardison called him Steven Seagal :) It's always fun seeing him hit on women. But I'm still curious if he knows fashion as a secret hobby or if he's been with a lot of models like he says.

    Parker is always funny when she doesn't get people interactions and here's no different, but it is cool to see her trying to understand them

    I'm not saying Tara's bad, but she's too headstrong, especially for an outsider. When yer trying to impress people, including the one who's considered your boss, you play nice and you do what yer told. Granted, we know Nate is impulsive when he changes the con on the spot, but it's worked out pretty good in the past and everyone else trusts his instincts, even Sophie, and that's what Sophie's asking of everyone else in the episode: trust Tara because Sophie trusts her and they trust Sophie.

    Sophie isn't making happy either. I loved how Nate finally spoke up to her at the end. I mean, I get that they had to come up with a story arc for Gina's pregnancy, but I just don't like it. She left the team to sort things out, which everyone is making peace with, but because Tara's whining about Nate's methods, she wants to dictate how Nate should run his team. It finally boils over when Nate finally says she can't have it both ways. She wanted him to start the team up again when he didn't want to and then left to sort things out. Well pulling a coward's act again, Sophie hung up on him. I totally agree with Nate. If he runs the team, HE runs it, and if anyone has an issue with that, they can walk away.

    I like Nate the way he is and I hate it when people try to change him. I just hope the team makes their peace with how Nate is and sees how good Nate is.
  • Not that bad an episode. It just wasn't up to the Leverage standard we've come to expect. And am I the only one not warming up to Tara?

    We've seen better. We've seen worse(At least I think we did....did we?).

    Overall, not that bad an episode. Sure, the con was a bit...boring. But, it's been so long since the last episode that I would have taken any con, to be honest. But I was expecting something a bit more exciting for the 2.5 premiere.

    On a more positive note, Eliot was being his flirty self and it was a pleasure to watch. Parker had her moments too. And Nate's costume was quite simply ridiculous. Don't know if that's positive or negative thing yet ;P

    As for Tara, all I have to say is : When is Sophie coming back? I have to say that I do not like her at all, and believe me, I've tried. She was quite alright when she was playing the lawyer in the previous episode, but now....*shivers*. Ever hear of a Mary-Sue, people?! Everytime she was on screen, I just wanted to smack her out of the picture. Sigh. I just hope we get the old Leverage back soon.
  • disappointing. things didn't add up. where was hardison (beyond minimalist part. really missing sophie. hope the next one is better!!

    Ack. i did NOT like this one. I always look forward to Hardison cracking me up - the actor is amazing. but he was not doing much this ep at all and that was a huge gaping hole in the entertainment value. the con was boring - really really boring. every series is allowed an off ep or two but if this is a trend i'll be tuning out soon. I liked Jeri Ryan's character the first ep she was in but this time they made her character simply annoying. i wonder why this episode was so substandard - different writers? directors? ho hum.
  • Not a good start.

    Leverage's 2.5 Season premiere drew very strong viewership (nearly 4 million), but this was not a very good episode at all. I do like the addition of Jeri Ryan to the cast, and just wish it was a full-time gig. Gina Bellman always stands out, and not in a good way, with the group. She just doesn't fit in whereas, Ryan seems like the perfect member for Team Leverage.

    This episode to me was just really, really boring. Fashion-themed episodes never really draw my interest, so this was no exception. And no crazy 5 minute Eliot fight? Come on, that's what this show is all about!

    Tisk tisk Leverage.
  • The team has the opportunity to help a bunch of workers in a sweat shop run by a man and a woman from China. They use the women's interest in fashion to lure her into a con and then it turns out her husband is Chinese Triad and very dangerous.

    Leverage is back from its hiatus. This first episode was a little uneven in so many ways. Not as clever as usual and the climax seem fabricated. I'm not sure anyone wants to cross the Chinese Triad, but once they were in the situation it seems it was the only way out. The communication between Tara and the rest of the team is a little crippling and it effected the story in this episodes case.

    I did enjoy the rise Tara got out of Sophie when she was taking about Nate. That was very cute. I think they are overplaying Tara's attitude and I'm not sure a grifter would come across that rash when she was trying to fit in with a new group of people as a favor to her friend. We'll see how it goes from here on out.

    It's fun to see Sophie with all the backdrops behind her. I guess Gina Bellman had a baby girl on December 17th and will be gone for the final six episodes of this season running thru February 17th as she is on maternity leave.

    This episode was a little flat compared to most of the previous season. It could be the subject matter or just getting use to the new chemistry mix. Let's hope next weeks episode pops more. Thanks for reading...