Season 1 Episode 13

The Second David Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2009 on TNT

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  • The gang steals 150 million in art.

    This probably would have been better suited as a two hour episode, paired up with last week's show. It wasn't bad, as it did wrap up some key storylines and set the stage for the summer season, but it was not as good as I had anticipated it to be.

    There were some good scenes, including a really powerful and emotional flashback to Nathan Ford on the day of his son's death. The ongoing Parker and Alec Hardison relationship circling is one of the more interesting elements of the show, but the latter was not as funny as he usually was.

    Leverage may not be as great as some make it out to be but I am certainly going to miss my weekly dosage of getting ready to get even.
  • Better than the 1st David Job

    In the beginning of the episode all of the team is casing out the IYS museum where the David's are at. Sterling is made head of security at the IYS gallery. Blackpoole and Sterling go to Sterling's new office and Nate is there. Nate tells them he is going to rob the 2 David's gallery on opening day. Hardison, Elliot, Sophie and Carter all get caught and have to flee the Museum. They are all running down the sidewalk and Nate picks them up; they get away.

    They go to Hardison's "place" which is the seized house of MC Hammer. The crew starts coming up with a plan to get the 2 David's. They need someone on the inside to help and decide the Maggie would be the best choice. Sterling sets up tight security with wall that shut on all of the stairwells. Elliot sets up a date with Maggie as Dr. Sinclair. They put a button cam on him and they get busted by Maggie. Nate comes clean with Maggie about their son's death, the Blaclpoole wouldn't pay the claim. Maggie decides to help.

    Maggie scams Dr. Lloyd into moving a Mummy in the basement below the gallery. Sterling sets of some kind of sensors that fill the David's glass enclosure with some kind of smoke. Dr. Lloyd claims that the gallery has to be evacuated because of the toxic smoke in the 2 David's. Carter is giving everyone David statues as they leave the gallery. This is a ploy to make Sterling think the statues had been stolen. The crew goes to work. Nate goes to the roof and repels down from there where the rest of the crew are there to meet him. When the smoke clears and everyone is let back into the building, Blackpoole and Sterling are met by Nate in the gallery. When they turn on the lights, everything is gone but the 2 David's; 150 million dollars in art. Nate demands Blackpoole's resignation for the safe return of the art. Nate tells Sterling he will support his demand. Blackpoole resigns and the art is returned

    In the final scene the group is about to go their separate ways again. Each person takes about 10 steps and stops. End of the 1st Season.
  • Nate attempts to reform his fractured team after coming out of hiding to directly challenge Sterling and Blackpoole by stealing both David statuettes.

    Plot Synopsis (S01E13) – Nate attempts to reform his fractured team after coming out of hiding to directly challenge Sterling and Blackpoole by stealing both David statuettes. However, the stakes are high and could result in the incarceration of his friends. Luckily they bring in Nate's ex-wife early on in the con; Nate tells her all about Blackpoole's involvement in the death of their son, and that's all she needed to be all in.

    Definitely the first half of the season finale was the better one, but it was still fun to see them get the better of Blackpoole and Sterling, mostly because as Sterling said himself, they were banking on Sterling to be self-serving.

    More Thoughts on 'The Second David':
    - I hope to see more of Nate's ex in the new season
    - Nate and Sophie really bore me, I rather see him with a more interesting woman
    - I hope that all is not forgiven with Sophie so easily, she did try to con the team, I hope there's less trust there.
    - Definitely want more Mark Sheppard next year!!

    Bottom Line: A great way to end the season! More at http://www.theplurp.com/
  • Glad it's coming back for season two.

    After the cliffhanger from last week I was wondering how this was going to pan out. I thought that the gang bumping into each other as they were all casing the museum was hysterical. I'm with Nate, there is a reason why they work together. I loved the twist that they stole the art, without actually stealing it and left the Davids alone. I actually hope that Sterling returns next season, every great mind needs a nemisis to keep them on their toes and Sterling is great in regards to our team. The inclusion of Maggie in this job was believable and even justified. I'm just hoping now they can both move forward from their loss.
  • no summary

    I completely agree with jyarter. This episode was one of the best and a perfect ending to season one. Nate's emotional scene with his son made me cry! I thought it was fun that Sterling was telling all the security guards to keep an eye out for any of them and they were already there. It was a really smart move to tell Blackpoole that he was going to steal the two davids and everybody was keeping an eye on them but not on the rest of the exhibits! Total surprise to me when they were all gone. Can't wait for season two.
  • Nathan Ford and his team come back together and with the help of his ex-wife bury Blackpoole and beat Sterling at his own game.

    This episode was one of the best on television this past year. The exchanges between the characters, the clever turns of the plot, and the beauty of the overall teamwork.

    The key element to the con was in what they were going for which was removing Blackpoole from his position and his wealth not stealing the merchandise. One of the reasons they weren't successful in part one of the story was the greed factor. By not thinking the way they usually do (stealing the artwork) they overcame Sterling's advantage of knowing how they all thought and therefore came out on top. I really enjoyed the way Ford and the team pulled the wool over every ones eyes by basically not stealing the artwork, but just rearranging where it was in the building. Sometimes the best con is a really simple con.

    Sorry I have to mention the one thing that bothered me in this episode and that was the fact that all of their covers were blown but still they all stood there in plain sight in the gallery during the end sequence before the con. Also I felt they knew Sterling was watching Nate's ex-wife since there is no way they would have had a screw up like using a cell phone that Sterling had a record of to call her.

    Bottom line is you have to be excited about this shows renewal and the upcoming new episodes this summer. In this case I would say TNT does know drama.

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