Season 1 Episode 9

The Snow Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2009 on TNT

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  • Nate alters the plan in the middle of a heist.

    Well, Leverage had a pretty good run and was building some serious momentum, but this was a step in the wrong direction. Hardison who has been consistently stealing the show with his comedy and realistic acting barely got a line in tonight and the unique personalities of the rest of the cast were not on display either.

    Rose Henderson who plays Bernard on Lost made a fine guest appearance, but the whole heist just didn't intrigue me from the get-go. I have come to terms with the fact that Leverage Headquarters is not going to fail any of their missions, but this was so obvious what the ending would be from the beginning.
  • Just a space filler

    I do not know why, but this episode just seemed to lack the same level of intensity and excitement that the previous episodes had. There was not the same level of urgency, not the heavy drama or the keep you on the edge of your seat suspense that other episodes had. Nate shows up to the original briefing drunk, or hungover as he puts it. He is drinking almost constantly during the episode, Eliot doesnt hit anyone the entire episode, although he seems to want to slug Nate a few times, Parker doesnt have to squeeze into anything small, and there is none of her deadpan delivery that is always so funny, and Hardison doesnt really do any super geek guru stuff. The episode just seemed to be flat to me. I mean I like the show, and the storyline was good and all, but it just didnt have that normal zest or excitement that brought me to this show from the beginning. I hope the next episode is better.
  • Good episode explores alcohol issues with surprising depth and subtlety

    I was sceptical when I read the description. I thought the show was supposed to be a light bit of fluffy fun each week, so I felt it would be boring and depressing to see them focus on Nate having a drinking problem. Yet this character development subplot was skillfully combined with the weekly virtuous-con main plot and made for a rich episode. I liked the way Sophie's character responded to Nate's not-even-thinly-veiled drinking problem. It was well done the way Nate's character got ugly and obnoxious when drinking - very cringe-inducing in the appropriate way. There was a subtlety to it - it wasn't over the top, and it wasn't fun or funny. it was what such a thing can be in real life - unsettling and a serious threat to the character's wellbeing and relationships. I liked that they open this up not with not a depiction of Nate drinking but rather with him being hung over. His comments make the point that the distinction between drunk and hung over can be somewhat of a fine one. He may be "not technically drunk" but he's not thoroughly sober either - you can see that his whole attitude and ability to interact is infused with an alcohol-soaked malaise. And, while he can still function in his job - his credibility/trustworthiness is eroding fast, and you really (if you like the character) feel worried for him. And seing him drink and drive was very - if you will excuse the word - sobering.
  • This one was all about Nate…

    This one was all about Nate. Hardison didn't steal all the scenes as he has in the past few episodes. It was a good showcase of how truly depressed Nate is over the loss of his son – in the end he doesn't even mind getting in the face of Elliott or alienating his crew to drown his sorrows. But I wonder if Sophie's threat of the crew leaving him or making him choose will be played out on the show, or if Nate will smarten up first.
    Regardless, this was another fun episode, and I really enjoyed seeing Nate try to take these guys down. Having watched many episodes of Hustle, I was pretty sure he had made some sort of arrangement with the state police, so it was nice to see that fall into place.
    More Thoughts on 'The Snow Job':
    - We got a little Angel/Buffy reunion with Danny Strong playing Dennis the smarter brother
    Bottom Line: Not my favourite storyline, but there were some developments.

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