Season 2 Episode 2

The Tap-Out Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2009 on TNT

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  • The team ends up in Omaha, Nebraska dealing with a mixed martial arts con against a local promoter who had setup a fighter to lose and never fight again. Eliot's skill comes front and center in this con about the UFC type of fight game.

    I probably would rate this a few points lower than the nine I gave the season premiere last week, but there were a few things about it I liked more than a lot of the other episodes of Leverage. I would give this an 8.8 or so.

    The con runs into a snag as it always could but in this case it built the con to an even bigger pot in the end. Instead of just fleecing the guy for his money they really needed to remove him from the scene entirely. Whether they meant to get caught or not the blow up of their original scheme allows then to take the mark all the way.

    As we all know it's hard for a jaguar to get rid of its spots. This guy had drugged fighters before and obviously he would be above doing it again. I think the one thing the mark Rucker missed was that his ring doctor was a cousin of the Howarth's. While he was busy counting his winnings he missed the most important things he needed to cover.

    Eliot played by Christian Kane really gets to take a step forward in this episode and showcase some of his skills. Sophie was somewhat funny this episode with her aversion to the food they eat in that area. Her liking pork rinds at the end was a hoot. Do you think she really read how they're made? Of course she is French and they are known to eat some strange things.

    Fun episode but you never got the feeling of a threat with these guys they were dealing with in this episode. That's another reason I would drop it a few decimal points below last weeks episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Really good episode of Leverage.

    Leverage surprised many of us, or at the very least myself, with a strong season premiere, but I think their efforts were topped by tonight's episode. The show has definitely found its groove as the characters are all so well-written that the transition from comedy to drama effortless. This group is definitely one of television's most underrated ensembles as it really is a group effort that is making Leverage such a breakout show. I also enjoyed this because I am an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts and I liked how they did not completely bury the sport, but rather put over just how grueling and legitimate it is. They brought in one of the sport's best middleweights in Matt Lindland as "Tank" to fight Eliot so the writer for this episode clearly respects MMA.

    Good episode of Leverage. Hopefully the show can keep it up.