Season 3 Episode 9

The Three-Card Monte Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2010 on TNT

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  • 20 min

    It took me 20 minutes of the show to know, not 'sorta know' but KNOW that they were going after the 20mil the police had.

    The recurring theme of their personal BS (Parker's one and now Nate's one in row) jeopardizing the job and/or their lives is getting really tedious.

    And what about that Italian chick and the blackmail?

    they should have been working their way up the chain to their target -doing jobs for or against people that can get them closer to or more info on their target -instead we get these weak sauce episodes.

    I'm really starting feel this show should not have gone past 2 season.
  • 309

    Wow, I did not know that the trick in Three Card Monte is that the guy removes the queen. So, I learned something during this broadcast of Leverage, but unfortunately I was not really entertained here. The plot tonight seemed thrown together at the last minute and the usually enjoyable and hilarious Eliot fight just did not do it for me either. Parker wasn't funny, nor was Hardison. It just felt really rushed tonight.

    Leverage has been really inconsistent this season, but they had another bad episode tonight. I hope they can get this show back on track fast, and not let the renewal for another season get to their heads. This is a good premise with a great cast, but you have to do better than this.
  • Nate's father shows up with his new pals, the Russian Mafia.

    One of the best shows yet. Why everyone is not watching this show baffles me. It's by far the best on TV and has the best characters. Tom Skerritt did a great job in his part as Nate's father. And the compassion Nate showed after what his father did was exactly right, not sentimental.

    Timothy Hutton is really developing his character, well enough that he should finally learn Sophie's real name and get something going. It'd be great to see Parker and Hardison more, but Nate and Sophie are so obviously right together and they are getting any younger. More adult relationships, please.