Season 2 Episode 5

The Three Days of the Hunter Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2009 on TNT

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  • A bus driver who served in the Gulf War is smeared on TV by Monica Hunter on her cable "news" show Hunt for the Truth. He's a bus driver and had an accident caused by mechanical failure. She slandered him and the team wants to save his reputation.

    This was a very interesting episode basically playing up shows like that one with the woman on CNN where she plays on peoples guilt for ratings. If you vilify someone enough you can get peoples sentiment against them. The more sensational the better the ratings. In this case Monica Hunter in her Hunt for the Truth has been doing this to people obviously for years. I found it interesting that TNT used Nancy Grace to advertise their Raising the Bar program during this episode. I wonder if that was really planned beforehand.

    Sophie is running the con this time and Nate is playing a big part. By the end of the show Sophie realizes she's a grifter at heart and really didn't find the con that fulfilling from Nate's point of view. She thought it would be more fun.

    In a way everyone traded places in this episode. Eliot had to run the computer program, Parker had to play point on the con, Alec and Nate had to be players in the story. It was pretty humorous when Eliot runs down Parker and then after a few minutes she jumps up and walks away. The look on peoples faces was great.

    A nice entertaining episode. They basically made Monica look like she probably does to a great deal of her viewers. Crazy! They even supplied her with anti-psychotics. Priceless! Good acting and the story was nice. I am not sure if the ending at the base really works but they sort of paint themselves in a corner with the military thing and had to improvise to get out. That is why I gave it an 8.5 as the believability factor was a little lower than some of their cons in the past. Thanks for reading...
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