Season 2 Episode 14

The Three Strikes Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on TNT

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  • Three Strikes

    Eliot as a baseball player....yeah, enough said.

    Wednesdays used to be pretty dull for me, but now with Psych and Leverage on at 10, it's becoming a must-watch for me and a difficult choice to make as well.

    Tonight's Leverage was definitely worth-watching as it featured a bit of a different con than we were used to. No grieving family over their life savings being taken from them or their child being killed, but rather a corrupt mayor who wanted to screw people over just to secure his "legacy".

    And as I mentioned the stuff with Eliot as a baseball player, and loving the attention was definitely the highlight for me, but overall another strong episode of Leverage.
  • When a Police Lieutenant gets shot and almost dies Nate decides the team must step in to deal with a corrupt Mayor that is involved. The team puts together a phony stadium deal. Nate is becoming a loose cannon and can't be trusted. Sterling shows up.

    Not the teams best work. Not only is Sophie not answering her phone, but Nate is loosing it since he started drinking again. He is playing get it done at any cost and flying by the seat of his pants while doing it.

    In this case he sees the son of a Lt. Bonanno as similar to his own son. He realizes the grief he went through losing his son and he is going to make the people who shot the Lieutenant pay. He's very emotional and not thinking straight.

    Everyone else on the team can see it and they all are taking these incredible risks because of him. I'm surprised he's been able to bully Tara as well, but she seems to be falling into step. I'm wondering if this is leading to a Gina returning to set things right next season thing or something similar. I'm not sure where they think they are taking this show overall at this point, but it is not going in the right direction. Sterling showing up is a plus because we can understand his motives at least. Nate's motives are not very clear. It will be interesting to see if they manage to either leave this as a major cliffhanger which may be a problem for the viewers or if this has been the plan all along like they have pulled on a number of cases. Let's face it, Sterling got his latest promotion from working with these guys. We'll see how the con is on next week. Thanks for reading...