Season 2 Episode 6

The Top Hat Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2009 on TNT

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  • Most boring episode so far

    I don't expect Leverage to have a super-realistic plot, but this episode totally lacked of interesting storylines. The whole company plot had some logical mistakes, was totally boring and seemed to be made up lovelessly just to get the Leverage Team to do a magic show - that sure was funny, but in general the episode was the weakest one so far.

    The first six episodes from the second season were sure fine, but apart from "The Beantown Bailout Job" and "The Order 23 Job" I didn't have that special feeling like in season one. Maybe the show should get away from the procedural scheme and try to set up a storyline / an enemy they have to fight for during more episodes or a whole season, since you somehow get the feeling that all the episodes work the same scheme. I think that maybe this would really be a good change for the show.
  • Another enjoyable episode.

    Leverage may very well have the best written characters on television. You honestly could not see anybody else playing Parker, Hardison or Eliot than the three that do, and the group just provides some excellent comedy in addition to the gripping drama on a weekly basis.

    This was a fine example of just how fun to be and was really a "back to basics" kind of episode. I do have to complain about how unrealistic the ending was though. The explanation for how they got the files the exec deleted was just outrageous and absurd, no matter what kind of smart phone Hardison has.
  • This installment effectively ridicules humorless (and therefore evil) corporate America. A fun adventure, on the whole.

    I’ve been giving this show a second chance because the second season is being filmed in my beloved home town. That’s right. “Stump Town� (Portland Oregon) is playing “Bean Town� this season. I like the deeper interactions among the characters, and was delighted to see some of our signature bridges on the Willamette River in this episode. (Mostly they’ve avoided showing any distinctive Portland landmarks. Which I understand, but still…) Some features have remained the same, such as the blatant disregard of objective reality, e.g., the plot device claiming the company needs to protect its patents from being stolen. Patents never have to be stolen. The central trade-off in patents is public disclosure of your technical secrets in exchange for a legally enforceable monopoly over them. :roll: Okay, I know, it’s not that kind of show, but it still strikes me as lazy writing. That said, the dialog is fun and there are plenty of amusing surprises, so I plan to keep watching. Also, Nate is quite charming here in his desire to give the people a show as “The Illusionist Extraordinaire�.
  • Lillian Foods International has shipped out all of their most recent frozen food shipments contaminated by salmonella. The VP of that division has decided that it is cheaper to deal with any lawsuits from sick or dead customers than recall the food.

    A little smoother episode than last weeks but maybe not as entertaining to watch. This one was much more clever in its solution though.

    Nate and the team have decided to wrestle with this largest of the food giants. These kind of companies have more security than the state department because of the billions in food patents that they hold.

    The con is to get the records of the tainted food shipments and force the VP to recall the food and make amends. Unfortunately the VP is fairly clever and when the whole company is busy with a business presentation day he deletes the files from the mainframe. Unknown to him Alec has copied the files of all the patents at the same time onto the VP's phone and after they pull Alec out of the building Parker simply lifts the phone as leverage in the end.

    Nice double cross even though things didn't go quite as planned and Eliot had to do some damage and Alec got a little roughed up. All the magic stuff was not that interesting and sort of a bore really.

    Sophie is trying to get Nate to date and she thought the client from the food company was perfect. Nate seems perfectly happy though and he refuses. Sophie is concerned what will happen if they lose one of the cons and Nate comes crashing back to earth.

    A little rough around the edges but definitely the feel good endings we have come to expect from the first few seasons. With only about half of the episodes left of the second season I have to admit the show does not have the same spark it did last season. Here's hoping that they make a comeback and bring the level back to the best of the first season episodes. Thanks for reading...