Season 1 Episode 3

The Two-Horse Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 16, 2008 on TNT

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  • A stable burns down.

    The show that plays it theme song more during the episode than any other returned tonight. Was it better than last week's?

    In a way, yes. There were actually a few funny Alec lines and an entertaining guest spot by Rick Hoffman (Samantha Who?). But the show also proved that it has to reuse storylines in only its third episode. The switching of the numbers was just done last week.

    It is difficult to discern when the show is attempting to be light-hearted and when the show is trying to be serious as the amateurish scripts make interpreting the actors dialogue a task in itself. Some is Timothy Hutton and the island of misfit toys worth watching? If cheesy, generic dramas are your cup of tea then absolutely.
  • Background on Nate's rivalry with Sterling & Eliot's high school sweetheart

    We find out that Nate's got a past with a guy named Sterling. He now has Nate's old job catching bad guys but unlike Nate he isn't a real honest man. We see he is just as smart & cunning as Nate is.

    While this is happening things Eliot is heating things up with sexual tension with his old sweetheart. They have the fighting unresolved sexual tension but they take care of in an abandon stable stall.

    We also see Parker warps seeing a guy dressed up as a horse kill a clown when she was younger as being afraid of horses herself. But when he drops into a stall with a horse she figures out that she really isn't afraid of horses.
  • Love it, simply love it

    This episode grew on me after I watched it a few more times. There are several parts that remind me of "The Sting", and a few that remind me of episodes of "Full Tilt". In this episode we learn about Nate's former nemesis from the insurance investigating business, and we learn some more background on Eliot. The basis of this episode is big money businessman burns down his barn full of horses to collect the insurance money. all horses but one die. The father of Eliot's former love asks Eliot for help. And Nates antagonist from his insurance days is the investigating officer. From the poker game to the game of musical horses in the barn this episode is non stop action and excitement. I particularly loved the part where Parker is talking to herself in the vent and they are all listening. A real must see!
  • My favorite of the first four episodes.

    There were several things I liked about this episode. Sophie gets plenty of opportunities to showcase her "special" acting abilities, and what's not to like about race horses on screen (unless you are opposed to racing horses, I guess). Most interesting was the introduction of a nemesis for the main character, Nate; a former coworker/competitor with a mean streak. I liked the dynamic between the two, although he was nowhere to be seen the next week. I also liked the former-flame character from Eliot's past. That said, it has the usual (for this show) plot twists that rely more on luck than skill.
  • The Past Returns

    I really enjoyed this episode. Our guys got some curve balls thrown at them and it was nice to see them flustered and still be able to come out on top. We have Elliot wanting to help an old friend, whom by the way is the father of a former flame. During the course of this "case" an old friend of Nate's appears to cause an uproar. Sterling is none to happy to see Nate and the feeling is mutual. I loved Parker's fear of horses. It was also interesting to see Hardison dance when caught in the van by Sterling. But as always in the end good or in this case Leverage wins again, but have we seen the last of Sterling?
  • We find more out about the gang, espcially fleshing the characters of Nate and eliot. By the way, Eliot? Yu-um-my!

    A lot of things happen in this episode though it was not my favorite aside from the hotness of Eliot and his old sweetheart. Still trying to recover...
    Anyway, we are introduced to Sterling, who is "Like Nate, but evil" according to Parker. I have a feeling that he will be around to cause more trouble later on. We get a little more insight to Nate's past--tidbits but still. Parker and Hardison are hysterical together and I love Parker's facial expressions. Eliot-my favorite. Red hot in this episode. I don't know what it is-the fact that he's all rough and rugged, rides bareback, a sensitive guy under his 'i can kill you in a second' swagger. Don't even get me started on his five o'clock shadow and what that does to me...
    Totally hooked on the show. Great episode, can't wait for more.
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