Season 2 Episode 7

The Two Live Crew Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2009 on TNT

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  • The Leverage team meets its match (literally).

    Another fun episode of Leverage tonight. These are the kind of episodes the show needs to focus on doing more often. They are not appealing to the most intelligent audience, there are countless plotholes in every installment, but if the crew just realizes that their fans love these characters and just want to see them doing their thing then this show could be a big thing for cable for years to come.

    There are certain logic flaws in every Leverage episode (are we to expect every group has a hacker, thief, mastermind and muscle, and just one of each?) but if you just sit back and relax, you'll have a few laughs and be thoroughly entertained by this show.
  • That was really, really funny!

    "Leverage" is a show that provides a lot of humour in all of its episodes but IMHO, this has been the funniest one so far and it was plain great! Even though the background of why the team would have to steal a painting was really serious, having two teams going up against each other has brought along some really hilarious scenes. It was great how everybody -- except for Sophie who was thought to be dead by the other team -- had their counterpart and how the whole thing turned into a row of little duels. It was funny that Eliot had to get up against a woman who actually was as good a fighter as he was. It was wonderful how Parker and her counterpart would meet in the ventilation shaft and engange in an almost flirty discussion about what birds to use to set off motion detectors. It was incredibly funny how Hardison and his computer geek "colleague" would first deliver a scene like from a western movie and later on brag about who had taken control over which security device at the museum to each other. For a moment there I really thought that "Team Ford" would actually be defeated by "Team Starke", thank god they weren't.

    One of the best scenes though was, how Nate would get totally furious and hurt in his ego because they had been beaten in their attempt to steal the painting by Klimt. Looks like he's really developed the professional pride of a thief, which -- despite denying he is one -- might actually really make him exactly that.
  • Excellent episode, a clear example of why this is a great show.

    Excellent episode, a clear example of why this is a great show. It includes the usual semi-seriousness but without trying to be taken too serious. The comedy aspects are great and the situation where they have to face the rival crew is genius. The rival crew having the same key members, and each of them facing against each other contrasting in so many ways is just great. To my personal opinion one of the best episodes of hopefully many to come, since this is a series I would like to see for a long time. The ideas for each job are still fresh and original, hope they keep that way.
  • When approached to get a painting that was stolen from a family 70 years before the team runs into something they never have before. Another team stealing the same piece that they were. Someone tries to kill Sophie so the team goes in to high gear.

    One of the better episodes of the second season. It was very interesting watching the two crews working. In the end you would have to realize that Nathans team should have the edge. We have seen his team use subtle subterfuge in dealing with crooked people that they are use to dealing with. Who better to beat a team of cons than a team of ex-cons that beats crooks for a living.

    Wil Wheaton as Cullen "Chaos" Mason was very funny. From what I understood once Will went back to college after Star Trek he was never going to act again. I guess you never should say never. He is quite good and definitely better than when he was a child star. The whole team including Griffin Dunne playing the Nathan role of Marcus Starke did an excellent job. I love the attitude from most of them at the end that they were fine with what happened. It was just a job. I think it was important for them to recognize who the killer was left the bomb for Sophie and also then for Marcus. Dropping the fake on Marcus and then putting the five paintings including the real piece marked with a sticky note as Cullen's luggage was very funny and a brilliant stroke. Enjoyable episode and one I hope we see more similar to as the season progresses. Thanks for reading...
  • An elderly couple seek the help of Nate and his team to recover a painting which belonged to their family. Whilst trying to recover the painting Nate's crew come across another crew who manage to steal the painting for themselves!

    An elderly couple seek the help of Nate and his team to recover a Klimt masterpiece which belonged to their family but was stolen during WWII. When trying to recover the painting Nate's crew come across another crew, who are not just on the same job, but have beaten Nate's team to the punch! To make matters worse, someone in the new crew wants Sophie dead, and plants a bomb in her apartment. This new team is lead by a former colleague of Sophie's, Starke, a brilliant grifter and and an even better forger. Armed with Sophie's inside knowledge on how Starke operates, Nate formulates his plan to restore his obviously wounded pride - erm, I meant to say, help the couple finally get their painting back!

    I really liked this episode - probably the best episode of the season so far. Yes, it had it's plot-holes. No one realised that the woman standing next to Nate at the funeral wore exactly the same clothes as the "deceased"? Parker's phone just happened to be placed in the room with the forgeries? C'mon! This 2nd crew was suppose to be professionals, and darn good ones, yet they left the phone on???

    But, despite that, it was so much fun. I was screaming at the screen when Nate's crew came up against the other crew in the exhibition house. Did you not expect them to arrive? How come you guys were not prepared for this? etc. This notion was obviously planted in my head from last weeks episode, when Sophie mentioned the fact that Nate cannot win all the time. The way this episode was going, it really looked like this was one the time that Nate would lose. Turns out, the brains had anticipated the 2nd crew's arrival - phew! The whole thing played out nicely. The ending was funny. Parker and Apollo timing themselves on who can pick a lock the fastest, Elliot comparing scars with Raquel, Starke claiming he got what he wanted and was therefore the winner! And the stars of the show, the beautiful artworks of Klimt and Van Gough! Oh, and the dogs playing poker - I laughed so hard when I saw that painting!
    Throughout this whole episode I was glued to the screen, waiting to see what would happen next! Very good episode indeed!
  • The Two Live Crew Job is one of the best episodes in Leverage history.

    The Two Live Crew Job is about a painting which is smuggled from Europe and it ends up being found by the owner who tracked it to Boston. The owner asks Nathan Ford to get it back for him. On the way, the gang discover that another crew is trying to steal the painting aswell. From the start until the end of this episode, i couldn't take my eyes off it. I loved the scenes when each crew member went head to head with their rivals. This episode has set a huge benchmark for future episodes. Overall, this episode was great, it had action, humor, drama and a great plot.