Season 2 Episode 7

The Two Live Crew Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2009 on TNT

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  • When approached to get a painting that was stolen from a family 70 years before the team runs into something they never have before. Another team stealing the same piece that they were. Someone tries to kill Sophie so the team goes in to high gear.

    One of the better episodes of the second season. It was very interesting watching the two crews working. In the end you would have to realize that Nathans team should have the edge. We have seen his team use subtle subterfuge in dealing with crooked people that they are use to dealing with. Who better to beat a team of cons than a team of ex-cons that beats crooks for a living.

    Wil Wheaton as Cullen "Chaos" Mason was very funny. From what I understood once Will went back to college after Star Trek he was never going to act again. I guess you never should say never. He is quite good and definitely better than when he was a child star. The whole team including Griffin Dunne playing the Nathan role of Marcus Starke did an excellent job. I love the attitude from most of them at the end that they were fine with what happened. It was just a job. I think it was important for them to recognize who the killer was left the bomb for Sophie and also then for Marcus. Dropping the fake on Marcus and then putting the five paintings including the real piece marked with a sticky note as Cullen's luggage was very funny and a brilliant stroke. Enjoyable episode and one I hope we see more similar to as the season progresses. Thanks for reading...
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