Season 3 Episode 10

The Underground Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2010 on TNT

Episode Recap

Miners are leaving for the day and Troy warns his foreman that they found elevated methane levels. As they chat about their upcoming party, their boss, Dan Blackwell, tells them to get back to work. As Blackwell goes to his trailer office, there's a sudden explosion and he tells his assistant to call his lawyer

Two years later

Troy tell Nate and Eliot that he lost twelve fellow workers due to the explosion, and they just need to work Blackwell received millions from the government due to the explosion, but none of it went into mine safety. Nate promises that they'll find the money and put it back where it belongs. Later, Hardison confirms that Blackwell used the money to pay off Debra Pierce, a Virginia attorney general. Blackwell has received 400 citations in the last two years, but Pierce has held them in appeal. Nate plans to get Blackwell to give them the money from his political action committee, and then they'll turn in Blackwell and Pierce for campaign abuse. Sophie and Nate plan to convince Blackwell that his mine is more valuable than he thinks and then sell it to him.

Troy takes Eliot into the mine and assigns Cory, a young miner, to show Eliot to Section C, an unoccupied section where he'll be out of the way. Meanwhile, Sophie and Hardison see Blackwell and claim to be safety inspectors. Blackwell has his man Clark take them in and subtly warns them not to probe too much. Nate comes in and offers to buy his mine. Blackwell refuses and Nate leaves, and then calls Parker at the state capitol to tell her to go to work. With some grafter tips from Sophie, Parker goes in and offers to work for Pierce as a campaign consultant. As they talk, Parker plants a bug and offers to work for free, and Pierce accepts her offer.

Cory takes Eliot around, and finally admits that he's working despite his age to pay for his mother and sister, and he lost his father in the explosion. Eliot plants a UHF wireless signaler that Hardison has created. Meanwhile, Clark shows Sophie and Hardison around and wonders what kind of device Hardison is using. Hardison claims it's a dust reader and shows Sophie the readers.

Parker is doing well at fund-raising, thanks to planting some fake cash transfers. She sets up an account for the online donations.

Clark reports back to Blackwell and says that Sophie and Hardison took some weird readings and looked happy with what they claimed were dust readings. Blackwell figures that they're connected to Nate and Clark confirms where they were going for lunch. Blackwell goes there and sees Sophie and Nate meet. Once Nate leaves, Blackwell comes over and demands to know what Sophie is up to. She explains that she's there to help Nate, who owns the land to the north and east of Blackwell's mine. Blackwell insists the land was mined out for coal, but Sophie explains that they're looking for coltan, a mineral typically found in Central Africa and used for tech components. Sophie claims to work for a company that has produced a process to extract the coltan, and Nate has bought it. Blackwell insists that Nate will never get it and warns that he has a partner.

Hardison confirms that Parker planted a fake form about Nate's land purchases among Pierce's paper. Parker makes sure that she finds it. Blackwell calls and confirms that Nate filed the form, and asks Pierce to stall the application process. She buries it, and Blackwell calls Sophie to offer to buy her process. He asks her to come by the mine to provide a demonstration and Sophie agrees.

The next day, Hardison demonstrates his (fake) coltan finder and they find samples planted earlier by Eliot. Cory had noticed it but Eliot managed to convince him it was just some new process. Blackwell is convinced and they talk numbers. Meanwhile, Nate brings up Blackwell's bank statements and feeds the info to Sophie via earbud, and she demands most of his funds. Nate then tells Eliot to check out, but Eliot doesn't want to leave them short and Nate gives him one more day. As Cory eats, Eliot notices his antique lunchbox and Cory admits that it belonged to his grandfather. He advises Cory to learn how to use the machinery so he can get ahead.

Pierce discovers that her numbers are up, and wonders why they're up so high. Hardison admits he wasn't sure how high to raise them. The plan is to make sure Pierce is confident enough to let Blackwell use the PAC money. The attorney general goes to her office and finds Blackwell waiting for her. Parker gets out and calls the others. Meanwhile, Blackwell asks for some of the PAC money but she says she can't risk it and tells him to use the mine funds. As Nate and Sophie listen in via the bug, Blackwell agrees and calls Clark. He tells his assistant to lay off all the men and prepare to blow up the mine. When they realize they've harmed the miners, Nate comes up with a new plan and figures they're going to have to convince Blackwell that Sophie lied.

The next day, Eliot and Nate plan to search the mine for the bomb. Nate calls Blackwell and says that Sophie has betrayed them both, and tells him to meet at the mind. Blackwell calls Clark and leaves a message on his phone to not plant the device. Sophie and Parker go after Pierce to spook her into moving the money out of the PAC. Parker tries to describe all of Pierce's odd habits, but most of them are normal for normal people. The best she has is that Pierce had a "workout" session with Blackwell. Hardison pulls up the files and confirms that the two were having sex, and Sophie figures they've got their way in.

Hardison contacts Eliot and hacks into the methane tracking systems. Eliot is busy changing out oxygen meters and marking off beams.

Sophie approaches Pierce at her party and hints that she's having an affair with Blackwell. She thanks Pierce for her contribution and hints that Blackwell has been tapping into the PAC funds without Pierce's knowledge to pay for the coltan process. Once Sophie goes, Pierce checks the PAC account and confirms that the money has been transferred out, thanks to Hardison's electronic tampering.

Nate brings Blackwell into the mine and shows him how Sophie faked the coltan sample. Meanwhile, Hardison picks up methane anomalies and directs Eliot to the bomb location. Eliot spots Cory's lunchbox and realizes that the boy is in the mine.

As Blackwell starts to get out, the mine rumbles and then an explosion seals them in. The debris blocks the earbud signal and Hardison tells the others to get to the mine. Before Parker goes, Pierce tells her to change the keys and inform security to get Blackwell out.

Eliot founds Cory, who explains that he came there to learn how to work the machinery on his spare time. Eliot congratulates him but gets him out.

As Sophie leaves, Pierce confronts her and says that she's figured Sophie is working with Blackwell, and she's called the cops to arrest Sophie. She's fine with Blackwell dying in the mine. Parker comes up and distracts Pierce long enough for Sophie to get away. Pierce calls the cops and tells them to meet her at the mine.

Clark finds Eliot and Cory and orders them out. Eliot goes after Clark with a pickaxe.

Nate checks the oxygen meters and warns Blackwell that they only have two hours if they're both in the chamber. Blackwell gets an idea. Nate suggests that they use the new safety intercoms, but Blackwell explains that he didn't buy any safety measures with the government money, and it all went to Pierce. When Nate turns his back, Blackwell knocks him out with a board.

Eliot finally takes out Clark. He then goes to dig out Blackwell and creates enough of a gap for Blackwell to get out. Blackwell runs outside and the state police immediately arrest him. They find the bomb in Blackwell's pocket, thanks to the fact that Eliot found it earlier and planted it on him as he got out. Hardison set up the whole fake explosion with dust sprays and rigged oxygen meters, and made sure Nate stayed out of the way. Nate hooked up the intercom and Hardison transmitted Blackwell's confession over the loudspeakers, and the police have arrested Pierce as well as Blackwell. As they're taken away, they see the team and Pierce realizes that Parker set her up by creating a second account for her to transfer the money into so Blackwell couldn't get it. Parker is happy, until Nate warns her she doesn't get to keep the money. She goes into the van and dozes off, and Hardison discovers that she's taken notes on Pierce's mannerisms. He wonders if she does it on the rest of the team.

Cory finds Eliot and asks if he's leaving. Eliot tells him that they're there to help Troy, and says that they're leaving. He tells Cory to use his head and stay safe so he doesn't have to come back and whip his ass. Cory embraces him and leaves.

Troy arrives later and discovers that he's the new mine supervisor. Nate and Eliot give him the safety money that Pierce tried to transfer. As they go, Eliot tells Troy to put Cory on the scoop and watch out for the boy.