Season 3 Episode 10

The Underground Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2010 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • When Eliot meets the character Cory, he gives his age as 18, yet at the beginning of the episode his father is talking about celebrating his upcoming 14th birthday. Since the rest of the episode takes place two years later, that would make Cory's age 16, so he lied to Eliot about his age.

  • Quotes

    • Nate: Okay, I'm gonna call Blackwell and draw him here. I mean, he's not gonna blow up the mine while he's in it, is he.
      Eliot: It'll give us enough time to find the bomb.
      Hardison: Oh yeah, plenty of time. Meanwhile, I'll be here, in the van, as far away from the mine as possible. My dude, go with God.

    • Sophie: The Skagway Shuffle.
      Nate: Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
      Hardison: See, now y'all are just making stuff up.
      Sophie: It's like the Fiddle Game.
      Nate: Yeah, only underground.
      Parker: Is Eliot going to be the fiddle again?
      Nate: No.
      Sophie: No.
      Parker: Can I be the fiddle?
      Nate: No.
      Sophie: No.

    • Sophie: A great grift is like a romance. You have to find out what they want and just give it to them. You have to woo them.
      Parker: I don't woo.

    • Sophie: Find the right combination, and you can unlock the mark's trust, and then you can steal her...
      Parker: ...soul.
      Sophie: I was gonna say "confidence."

    • Hardison: Now, there's no cell reception underground. Okay, the miners, they use a leaky feeder signal to communicate in the mine. But that's not compatible with our comms. (Eliot looks bored) I know. Quite the problem. You're wondering if I have an answer? I do. Bam! I created these UHF wireless nodes to couple with the leaky feeder, boost the signal, and then we...hey! Hey, man, hey!
      Eliot: Look, man, I know! I put them in the mine!
      Hardison: Yeah, but they're very...
      Eliot: What? I got it! They're fragile! (storms off)
      Hardison: I thought we was making progress.

    • Sophie: Tell me everything you know about her.
      Parker: Okay, I've got some really good stuff in here. Okay, she likes sugar in her coffee--lots of sugar. And she hides tasty treats in her desk. She has a sweet tooth--maybe we could use that.
      Sophie: Probably not. What else?
      Parker: Umm. She never takes calls from her mother. No? Ooh, ooh! I got it. She mixes her blue pens with her black pens. In the same cup. Like...mixes them together.
      Sophie: Yeah. Parker, I'm looking for something that someone might find weird. Someone normal. Uh, yeah. Someone normal might find weird.

    • Hardison: (playing an audio file) No! No! Ew! Old people! Ew!
      Sophie: Parker, they're not working out. They're...you know.
      Hardison: Sex, Parker! They're knocking boots.
      Parker: Oh, yeah.

    • Hardison: (over the intercom) All right, Eliot. I think I got a lock on the bomb.
      Eliot: I got it.
      Hardison: What's it look like, man? Red wires, blue wires, what?
      Eliot: (pushes a button) Boom!
      Hardison: Ah-ha. You're not funny.

    • Hardison: Micro detonator, surround sound, dust spray, modified oxygen meter, and...what? What? Yes, I do spend my weekends making these things. Man, w-we're coming to a mine. It 's not rocket science.
      Nate: I like it. It gives him a whole Village People construction-dude thing.
      Hardison: Thank you.

    • Hardison: What are you doing?
      Parker: (taking a nap) Stealing souls is exhausting.

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