Season 1 Episode 7

The Wedding Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2009 on TNT
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The Leverage team pose as a wedding planner crew to pull off a heist on behalf of a family who were promised money when one of their own took the fall for a mob boss.

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  • This episode has it all and always beware men armed with appetizers.

    This episode is completely priceless. I mean here you have the Leverage team already pitted up against the Mob, at a wedding no less. Then the Butcher of Kiev shows up? The verbal exchange between Alec, Nate and Sophie when they identify this sadistic killer as being at the wedding party is completely priceless. I am still shaking at the thought of the Cake Maker of Kiev. We learn so much more about our cast of heroes during this episode as well. We learn that not only does Eliot love to cook, but that he also can kill with an appetizer. The continuing advancement of the Parker/Hardison relationship in addition to getting a look into the past relationship of Nate/Sophie. This episode is awesome and definitely one that you shouldnt miss!moreless
  • The team infiltrates a mobster's mansion (using his daughter's wedding as their cover) in order to find money to give to the wife of a fallguy.

    Eliot with his hair back and with a knife- perfection on a TV screen. My favorite scenes all had Eliot- the fight with the butcher of Kiev, how he was trying to get everyone to take him seriously as a chef (the squeeze of lemon thing- great!), the talk with Nate about how to hold a knife in different situations (I think Nate was a little freaked out there) and how he wanted to go after the wife when she criticized his food. Even that scene with Parker when she called him Emeril- made the episode. The rest was rather enjoyable, and while she didn't steal anything, Parker was a lot of fun here. And the ending was perfect- the mobster had sock money while the wife got her restaurant.moreless
  • This show keeps getting better and better.

    It seems like every week Leverage just tops itself. The jokes get funnier, the plots get more intriguing and the episode is just great. This was the case again this week with Leverage, which is making a strong argument as to being the best program on TNT.

    I love the fight scenes with Eliot. They're so corny, yet they're just so fun to watch. I've made it clear I'm not a fan of the relationship between Nate and Sophie, but I do like the the idea of Parker and Ardison being together.

    This episode also had some good guest spots by Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) and Nicole Sullivan (The King of Queens). Just another fun episode of a really enjoyable series.moreless
  • Let's take on the Mob Shall We.

    But first let's break into the FBI and "borrow" their surveillance tapes of the targets in question. The team plans to aid Teresa Palermo in getting the funds owed to her by the head of the Marsconi family for her husband taking the blame for a murder. In order to get in our team goes undercover planning a wedding. The challenge of getting the money is getting around the feds as well as the mob. For cons, they really can pull off a nice wedding. Love Parker as a babysitter. Sophy and Nate are just too funny. Love Elliott the chef. Hardison needs a nap, he's been awfully whining this episode but he's got a crush on Parker.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During Eliot's fight scene with the Butcher of Kiev, the Butcher says the same two lines he said during the flashback of their first fight together: "I kill you!" and "It burns!"

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Hardison: Oh, and then there's the FBI parked around the corner. Parker: FBI? Where?
      Hardison: See that crappy van that says plumber?
      Sophie: Did you say plumber? That's their cover? Ho-ho, that is so cute. It's like it's 1978 all over again.

    • Nate: Can you break the codes?
      Hardison: Code? The... the codes to the Cayman Bank & Trust where the Calle cartel and the African dictators keep all there dirty money. The ones that Moscone changes any time he damn well pleases? Like it's... come on, dude, are you kidding me?
      Nate: You know, you're very negative lately.
      Eliot: Yeah.
      Nate: And the sass, it doesn't help.

    • Eliot: What? You think the only thing I know how to do is bust heads?
      Nate: No... well, yeah.
      Eliot: Look, hold a knife like this, cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this, cuts through, like, eight Yakuza in four seconds. Screams, carnage... people are like knives. Everything's in context.

    • Hardison: No way in hell I could ever imagine getting married. I mean, it's just, it's a piece of paper. I take it you've never been married.
      Eliot: No.
      Hardison: Ever come close?
      Eliot: No.
      Hardison: What was her name?
      Eliot: There was a girl I grew up with, but, anyway, she married someone else.
      Hardison: Hot damn, what did you do?
      Eliot: What did I do? I liberated Croatia.
      Hardison: Now see, me, I would've just got fat, started up a comic book shop. That's you and me, wrapped up.

    • Hardison: How'd you get away from Sergei in the screening room?
      Parker: (smiling quite proud of her idea) I pretended I was drunk and that we were meeting down there to have sex.

    • Nate: (posing as a priest performing the wedding) I mean, what is marriage? Is it, is it running around rooftops in Paris? I don't think so. No, it's pushing a cart around the Home Depot. We're good, we're good, pal. It's pushing a cart around Home Depot. That's what it is. It's hard work. Hard, hard, hard, hard work, people.

    • Nate: (sarcastically) Yeah okay, yeah. Let's go rob Nicky Moscone. A guy who kills people and lives in our city. Yeah, let's do that.

    • Hardison: Stay strong, brother.
      McSweeten: I will.
      Hardison: A shakeup is coming.
      McSweeten: Long overdue.
      Hardison: You... (points two fingers at his own eyes, then to the FBI agent's eyes)
      McSweeten: (copies gesture) I'll watch for you, too.
      Hardison: I'm the coffee, you the cream.

    • Nate: Typical mob McMansion. They've got the hideous gate, infinity pool, statues everywhere.

    • Maid of Honor: You don't think it makes me look fat?
      Sophie: Uh-huh.
      Parker: Oh, definitely. I mean, why do you think I had to let out the waist? To make you look less skinny?

    • Eliot: Hardison, how am I supposed to get out of the FBI offices with a box full of surveillance tapes, huh?
      Hardison: Punch somebody!
      Eliot: Oh, I'm gonna punch somebody.

    • Nate: (referring to stealing the FBI tapes of Moscone's manor) We can't get our surveillance our usual way, we'll just have to borrow someone else's.

    • Sophie: I'm staying.
      Nate: I'm sorry, you're what?
      Sophie: I'm staying.
      Nate: You're staying? Sophie. Sophie, it's the Butcher of Kiev.
      Alec: Have you ever been to Kiev? The cake-maker of Kiev could whoop all our asses. This is the Butcher!

    • Nate: You just kill a guy with an appetizer?
      Eliot: I don't know. Maybe.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: October 25, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Germany: September 20, 2010 on RTL Crime
      Czech Republic: February 9, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: April 30, 2012 on JOJ Plus


    • Parker: Sorry, Emeril.

      Parker is referencing celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. After Parker leaves, Eliot also impersonates Emeril by doing the chef's famous "Bam".

    • Nate: Give and it shall be given to you, for whatever measure you deal to others it will be dealt to you in return. People who break their promises get what's coming to them, Mr. Mosconi.

      This quote alludes to The New Testament of the Bible, Luke 6:3 which is "Give and it shall be given to you..."

    • Heather: You're no Mary Poppins--you're a...

      Heather calls Sophie "Mary Poppins," a sweet, fictional British nanny who relies on a bit of magic in her work to make things turn out all right in the end.