Season 1 Episode 7

The Wedding Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2009 on TNT

Episode Recap

At the Italian restaurant of Ray Palermo, mobster Nicky Moscone comes in and forces Ray to close up so he can use it for his criminal business. Nicky then shoots the man he's dealing wit, forces the gun on Ray, and tells him to claim he shot the man. When Ray objects, Nicky reminds him that he got the loan to start the business from him, and that Nicky will take care of his family of Ray goes to jail.

Five years later, Nate arrives at the office and finds Sophie meeting with Theresa, Ray's wife. He's surprised to discover that they're taking a case without him checking it out, and Alec explains that Sophie knows Theresa. Nate takes over and Theresa explains that Ray went along with Nicky and refused to testify against him. He ended up in jail with ten years left on his sentence, and Nicky never paid off. Now Nicky is planning a big wedding for his daughter, Maria, while Ray's daughter has never met her father outside of prison. Nate wonders what she wants the team to do, and Theresa explains that the police won't go up against Nicky. She wants the money that Nicky promised them so they can re-open the restaurant. Nate simply says that they'll think it over and Theresa realizes he won't help. She goes to find her daughter, who is practicing picking locks with Parker.

Afterward, Sophie wants to know why they won't take the case. Nate wonders why she's so interested, and tells her to write Theresa a check herself. Sophie says she might, but explains that Theresa wants revenge against Nicky as well as the money. She admits she can sympathize with a woman waiting 15 years for a man. Nate agrees despite the fact they're going up against a mobster.

The team go to Moscone's manor and Alec warns that it has state-of-the-art security. He notices a FBI surveillance truck nearby and Nate figures they can borrow the FBI's recordings. Alec and Parker approach the van as FBI agents and meet with the agents, McSweeten and Taggart. They get invited inside and discover that the FBI agents only have a single bug planted in Moscone's home. Parker gets inappropriately close to the younger Taggart so she can secretly swipe his badge and transmit it to Eliot, while Alec taps into their computer system. Eliot duplicates the badge and adds his own face. As Parker and Alec leave, Parker claims to have found Taggert's lost badge and puts it back on his lapel, and he takes it the wrong way.

Eliot poses as a FBI agent using the badge and goes to headquarters. Alec assures him he can get in and duplicate the recordings, but Eliot discovers that it's all on audio tape. Alec triggers the fire alarms so Eliot can steal the tapes. They go back over the tapes and Alec confirms that Moscone hides his money in off-shore Cayman bank accounts under his wife Heather's name. There's no way he can break the codes. Alec confirms that Moscone has his liquid assets hidden somewhere in the manor. Nate listens to Nicky and Heather argue about the plans for Maria's upcoming wedding and gets an idea.

Sophie goes to the manor and introduces herself to Heather as a wedding planner, who Nicky hired to make things easy for his wife. Heather isn't impressed with Sophie's new team: Nate the priest, Eliot the chef, Alec the flower arranger, and Parker the dress-maker. However, she has no choice but to accept their services.

The team start searching the house for the money. Eliot is too busy preparing food for the reception, and Nate is surprised to learn that he's an expert chef. Heather is unimpressed with Eliot's cooking, and Nate has to restrain him before he stabs the woman with a knife. Meanwhile, Alec plants bugs around the house while placing flower arrangements. Parker is fitting a dress for the maid of honor and can't help saying how fat she is. The woman bursts into tears, but Heather is impressed that at least one person knows what she's talking about.

As Nate searches the place, he finds Nicky drinking with his son-in-law, Adam. Nicky invites Nate in for a drink, which Nate gladly accepts. Adam leaves and Nicky talks about how he offered the man $200,000 to leave. Nate suggests that Adam isn't interested in money, but Nicky figures that everyone has their price. A call comes in for Nicky, and Nate leaves and then has Alec listen in on the call. The caller is a criminal, Sergei, who Nicky is doing business with. They agree to make the exchange at the reception, and Nate figures that Moscone will get his money out to make the payment then and there.

As Eliot cooks, Alec talks to him and admits that he can't imagine getting married. He soon realizes that Eliot was considering marriage, and Eliot says that he had something with a girl back home but she ended up with another man while he freed Croatia.

The day of the wedding arrives and Sophie has convinced Parker to put on one of the bridesmaid dresses. Alec compliments her and Parker is surprised and touched. Meanwhile, Nate and Sophie go to talk to Heather, but she's busy on the phone yelling at someone about the manor's screaming room. Alec listens on the bugs and Nate spots Sergei and his men arrive for the meeting with Nicky. However, Sophie is busy dealing with Maria, who is crying because Heather has turned her wedding into a big affair to impress Nicky's business partners. Sophie tries to reassure her, but ends up ranting about how women don't know what men want and that it's pointless waiting for them. Maria starts crying even worse.

Nate realizes that one of Sergei's men is the Butcher of Kiev, and that he and Eliot have met in the past. Nate figures they're not in a position to deal with Russian mobsters and says they're pulling the plug. However, Sophie insists that they need to finish the job, keep her word to Theresa, and make sure that Maria has a happy wedding. Nate reluctantly agrees and sends the team to look for the money, while he officiates at the wedding.

As the preacher, Nate starts the ceremony but starts rambling about how marriage is hard work and not worth the effort. Sophie is upset, until Nate finally gets himself under control and says that marriage is worth the wait. Inside, Parker figures the money is in the screening room and goes in, while Eliot insists on finishing the appetizers for the reception. After the wedding is over, Nicky leaves with Sergei and they head for the screening room. Alec warns Parker, but she can't get out in time. She hides behind the curtain and watches while Nicky removes a briefcase from a secret compartment. However, Nicky is surprised to discover that the case is empty. Sergei says that he let it go when Nicky killed his brother five years ago, but now Nicky needs to pay up. Nate remembers Heather talking about the screening room and figures that Heather took the money. They steal the phone and confirm her last call was to Sergei.

Eliot heads for the screening room to rescue Parker, but the Butcher spots him and recognizes him from their last battle. He grabs a cleaver and moves in on Eliot.

Nate figures that Heather has betrayed Nicky so she can keep the money in the accounts under her name, while Sergei gets revenge for his dead brother. Meanwhile, Sergei prepares to kill Nicky but Parker comes out and claims she's drunk, and that she was meeting Nicky for an affair. Sergei has no choice but to play along, but warns Nicky that if he says anything, Sergei will have his men open fire on the partygoers. They head for the gate but Alec interrupts the maid of honor's speech to call Nicky over to participate in the father-and-daughter dance.

Eliot disarms the Butcher with a whisk and then blinds him with his mushrooms in lemon juice.

Parker finds Alec and tells him that she escaped by claiming to have sex with Nicky. Alec is shocked.

Nate tells Eliot to put Nicky's money in the trunk of a particular call. He then has Alec end the wedding and get the newlyweds off on their honeymoon. Parker gets Adam and Maria out, and Nate approaches Sergei to tell him he's a dead man, and brings along Moscone's men to usher the Russian gangster out. Sophie goes after Heather, who is trying to escape. Sophie angrily informs Heather that she's a screw and will never bother Maria again, and that Nicky knows what's she's done. Sophie responds by knocking Heather down and running for it.

When Nicky goes to the kitchen, Nate tells him that Heather was working with Sergei and betrayed him. The mobster calls his Cayman bank to switch the codes on his account, and the team listen in. Once Alec has the codes, he goes to work. Nate tells the team that he had Eliot put the money in the newlywed's car, impressing Sophie. As Alec cleans Nicky out, Nate approaches the mobster, who is drinking and bemoaning about how Heather broke her vows. Nate assures him that people who break their vows eventually get what's coming to them. He offers Nicky a Bible and says that he'll soon have plenty of time to read it.

Later, the team invite Theresa back to her family's restaurant and tell her that they've bought it back for her. Alec plays a news broadcast that has Nicky indicted for the murder of Sergei's brother. Parker's flower had the FBI agents' bug in it, and they heard Sergei and Nicky discussing the murder. Ray will soon be out of jail, and the team celebrate with Theresa and her daughter.