Season 2 Episode 12

The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2010 on TNT
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Jim Sterling shows up to offer the team a job involving Nate's ex-wife Maggie, who is framed by an industrialist.

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  • Poor.

    Leverage has been a roller coaster ride this season. Sometimes the episodes are really good, the writing and banter is as good as NCIS', very witty and charming. But sometimes the show is just downright awful, boring and unappealing, and on a night where the show faced heavy competition on cable with the return of USA Network's Psych, a program that no doubt has a similar audience, they delivered one of those poor efforts. I just did not know what they were trying to accomplish here. Very little thing in the form of memorable scenes and just an episode I hope I forget by tomorrow.moreless
  • Leverage returns to what they do best. Nate and the team go with Sterling to Kiev to rescue Nate's ex-wife who's been framed for stealing a Faberge Egg. Not only do they need to rescue her, they need to find the person responsible.moreless

    I for one was getting a little tired of all the smaller personal jobs. It's nice to see the team work up a sweat dealing with a little international espionage and really dirty crooks.

    What an interesting twist to the story about who and why the egg was stolen. I'll leave it at that, but overall this was a very clever job. Sterling played by Mark Sheppard was his usual self, but at least Eliot beat the crap out of him when he first showed up. I really enjoy the dynamics of the team in these bigger jobs. Tara really seems to be finding her place and the team seems to be excepting her more and more. I hope we see a few more of these major con jobs as the season rolls on.

    It was fun to see Maggie, Nate's ex played by Kari Matchett. She is both attractive and a fine actress. The elevator scene was great. It's interesting to see peoples reactions when they think they might be dying!

    An enjoyable episode of Leverage that was a little more like the first season episodes. Big business and even bigger risk. It was fun to see. Thanks for reading...moreless
Kari Matchett

Kari Matchett

Maggie Collins

Guest Star

Matt Keeslar

Matt Keeslar

Alexander Lundy

Guest Star

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

Sam Phillips

Guest Star

Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

Jim Sterling

Recurring Role

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    • Maggie: So, what happened to Sophie?
      Nate: That got a bit complicated.
      Maggie: Right, because you're such a simple man.

    • Maggie: There's Irish whiskey in that coffee, isn't there?
      Nate: Yeah. A little bit. Sorry.
      Maggie: It's not the liquor that worries me. It's the fact that you're hiding it in your coffee cup. Nate, I meant what I said before. I really like the man that you've become. Too bad you don't.

    • Eliot: All right listen, there's three types of calls we can get next: one, amateur, cash and a dump site, number two, professional, that's wire transfers and multiple location drop-offs, and three, targeted.
      Hardison: Targeted towards us?
      Eliot: No, targeted towards a specific ransom demand, not cash.
      Sterling: You're not risking a nine million dollar...
      Eliot: It might be the only chance.
      Sterling: ...artifact on hunch! Let me run this, we track the calls, find out whoever it is, have the police surround...
      Eliot: Sterling, I'm the retrieval specialist. That's my job.
      Sterling: Your friend's lives hang in the balance, and you're going to take your cues from a punch-up artist instead of me?

    • Tara: I got this one.
      Eliot: Really? What are you gonna say to him, cause we've got no cover story, no background on this cat.
      Tara: That's it then, I won't say anything. (Eliot looks at her) Really, not one word. Just when he turns around and looks at you do that thing with your eyes that scares people.
      Eliot: What? I don't know what you're talking about.
      Tara: Oh, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    • Tara: And this is?
      Nate: James Sterling, we used to work together in insurance.
      Tara: Seems to rub Eliot the wrong way.
      Nate: You think?

    • Hardison: Two weeks in Tokyo. We'd have a great time.
      Parker: What are we stealing?
      Hardison: We don't steal anything. We'd be tourists.
      Parker: Not following you.

    • Eliot: Maggie's Nate's ex-wife.
      Tara: Okay, is there any chance she took the Egg?
      Parker: No. Maggie's the most honest person we know. But besides that, she's okay.

    • Parker: Toothpaste, explosives. Do not mix these up.

    • Nate: Right, right, and that's what I'm here to do--to get the egg back and to clear your name.
      Maggie: But you're clearing my name with thieves. No offense, Parker.
      Parker: At what?

    • Parker: So, I took your advice and did the whole touristy thing. Went to the museum, and it was amazing.
      Hardison: You see?
      Parker: Yeah. They have a Guardian T-840 Security System. I've only seen those in books. And the motion detectors--ooh, gorgeous! Six digital receptors. Six!
      Hardison: What about the paintings?
      Parker: What about the paintings?

    • Tara: What we imagine is always so much better than the reality.
      Eliot: Like love?

    • Sterling: I pulled a lot of strings to get tickets for all of you.
      Hardison: All of you? Wait, no, Hardison--he's in the van, eating stale candy, while all of you get to dine on canapés and... and champagne. I love canapés.
      Sterling: I'm terribly sorry about that. The company has to draw the line somewhere. I can assure you, it has nothing to do with our little incident last year.
      Hardison: Oh, you mean the incident where I came within five feet of blowing your ass up? Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with that at all. Van smells like cabbage.

    • Maggie: You know, people underestimate you, Eliot.
      Nate: That's kind of the point.

    • Hardison: Sterling's career gets another boost off of our hard work.
      Tara: We didn't even get paid.
      Hardison: Nope.
      Tara: I hate this guy.
      Eliot: Now you're part of the team.

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    • International Airdates:
      UK: October 13, 2010 on Bravo
      Turkey: December 19, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: July 9, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 6, 2012 on JOJ Plus