Season 2 Episode 12

The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2010 on TNT

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  • Poor.

    Leverage has been a roller coaster ride this season. Sometimes the episodes are really good, the writing and banter is as good as NCIS', very witty and charming. But sometimes the show is just downright awful, boring and unappealing, and on a night where the show faced heavy competition on cable with the return of USA Network's Psych, a program that no doubt has a similar audience, they delivered one of those poor efforts. I just did not know what they were trying to accomplish here. Very little thing in the form of memorable scenes and just an episode I hope I forget by tomorrow.
  • Leverage returns to what they do best. Nate and the team go with Sterling to Kiev to rescue Nate's ex-wife who's been framed for stealing a Faberge Egg. Not only do they need to rescue her, they need to find the person responsible.

    I for one was getting a little tired of all the smaller personal jobs. It's nice to see the team work up a sweat dealing with a little international espionage and really dirty crooks.

    What an interesting twist to the story about who and why the egg was stolen. I'll leave it at that, but overall this was a very clever job. Sterling played by Mark Sheppard was his usual self, but at least Eliot beat the crap out of him when he first showed up. I really enjoy the dynamics of the team in these bigger jobs. Tara really seems to be finding her place and the team seems to be excepting her more and more. I hope we see a few more of these major con jobs as the season rolls on.

    It was fun to see Maggie, Nate's ex played by Kari Matchett. She is both attractive and a fine actress. The elevator scene was great. It's interesting to see peoples reactions when they think they might be dying!

    An enjoyable episode of Leverage that was a little more like the first season episodes. Big business and even bigger risk. It was fun to see. Thanks for reading...
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