Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

Season 1 Episode 3

Beer vs. Weed

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • Weed I never done, Beer I almost drowned in...

    Being not a hippie I couldn't give a rat *ss about weed winning this one, which SpoileR Alert: It didn't....

    Funny thing it's that Greg Giraldo didn't appeared on the show this time, and I guess he could have said a lot since He's a recovering alcoholic and Drug User, maybe he took the fifth on the grounds of not being able to testify against his own former lovers (or past times if you will).

    My heart was rooting for Beer, and my blood pressure has increased over the years due to it, the Irish in me rooted all the show for one of my favorites drinks, but since I had already put a few cold ones in my belly, I got confused and forgot if being deemed the root of all evil was the goal or the thing to avoid, so I really don't even know what number I dialed for the voting, since i received ten minutes later a very angry call from one of my ex-girlfriends I suspect I dialed another thing entirely different... Oh well... I´m still not buying weed's arguments... even after seeing the great movie "Beerfest" (don't ask me if sarcasm, right now I don´t know)and waiting for the sequel "Potfest", so I think beer it´s a man´s best friend, since with beer there´s no ugly women and gudge that c´t be forgiven..specially when I am the one who made the first transgression...So cheers!!