Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

Season 1 Episode 1

Catholic Church vs. Oprah

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • Too much of a good thing can be bad, too much of an EVIL thing can be great!!

    I like Lewis Black, I like Greg Giraldo, so this was bound to be on my "must watch" list, the started with a solid episode, but alas, I feel that Black's humor is not the same with the bleeps and all, and although Giraldo fare better with this, the concept can't avoid to be compared to a Stand up, only that the joke it's tried to be stretched for more than 10 minutes in a row,(in the form of a court statement) when in a stand up a joke last no more than 2 or 3 (Giraldo even used one joke from and old rutine that was actually shown earlier on the day by comedy central) and changes to a different theme, now I get why....

    I'm a catholic myself, and I can tell you I didn't get offended at all by Giraldo jokes, most of them I already heard them, other I even thought them myself,you can get mad all you want, but religion is flawed in so many ways and fanatism is even worse, and when religion it's carried by mere mortals as flawed as the followers, you will see the errors and horrors of it, unless you want to turn your eyes to the other side or shove your head on the sand, best thing you can do is laugh about it and try to be a better person.

    For the Oprah side, I can't really relate to the jokes for the exception of a few, I'm not a fan, and I don't know much of what goes on her show.

    I really dig this show, although knowing both Black's and Giraldo previous work I can't feel that both were holding back a lot of their punchlines, either for censors of to keep the better material for future episodes, I just hope the show doesn't get canceled before it gets of the ground to the standard I know this two comedian can deliver.
  • Lewis Black's new show might get cancelled.. How? Just look at it! It's so evil.. and hilarious. May contain spoilers.

    Lewis Black's new show starts out with a bang. He criticizes Catholicism's and Oprah. Guests claim argue which is the root of all evil, the Catholic Church or Oprah. What I thought was interesting was that viewers in their home can even text the show and vote which is the root of all evil. This episode is still airing right now, but I'm still.. doing.. things..

    I think that Lewis Black needs to do some more working on his act. His humor so far doesn't seem like the best in the world. The Daily Show and the Stephen Colbert Report seems to have more humor than Lewis Black, while Lewis Black only works on a few issues. I won't watch the rest of the episode, but I will say that it is worth watching.

    If you enjoy the Daily Show and you are one of those stoned slackers who watch Jon Stewart, go right ahead and watch. Lewis Black has the spark and hyperactivity as Jon Stewart, and he has the evilness of Bill O'reilly. But, watch out. So far, I think this episode is going to get Lewis Black criticized for criticizing so many things in a very harsh way. I mean, this dude seems mean, but awesome.
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