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  • "Trial by Black" shows us things aren't so black and white.

    ...In fact, he shows us, and quite well I might add, that ALL of life is insane and we may as well laugh about it. If given a choice of laugh or cry about all the issues...and non-issues for that matter...in this crazy world today that drive me insane, I'll choose laugh every time. I may not live longer but I'll certainly live happier.
    The show's unique format makes the comedy "acts" more interesting than the usual stand-up routine by any of the figures on the show at any given time; including Black himself. And apart from Black whom I've always enjoyed, I have really come to appreciate the comedy of Kathleen Madigan as well. Wish she was on "Evil" more often, but we do occasionally see her on "Just for Laughs Festival".
  • On Lewis Black's Root of Al Evil, the title comedian acts as the judge in a mock courtrooom where comedians argue over which person, place or thing is the root of all evil.

    When I first heard that Lewis Black was getting his own show, I was disgusted. Now I know many people love Lewis Black, but I personally don't think he's funny at all. Still, I tuned in out of mere curiosity. Now, it's one of my favorite shows currently on television. The format is genius. I still despise Lewis Black, but the great thing about the show is that it gives other comedians a chance to go head to head in an innovative way to make us laugh. The matchups are genius, some of my favorites being Youtube vs. Porn, High School vs. American Idol, and Disney vs. Scientology. And speaking of genius, the comics are top-notch. From the hapless Greg Giraldo to the charming Andrew Daly to the vested Paul F. Tompkins, these comics go to extreme lengths (nice cheer, Patton) to win their cases. Basically, this show is the perfect way to see standup in a different light. And whether you love or hate Lewis Black, you can't deny that he has created a great show.
  • Nothing's funnier than comedians having fun.

    You really can tell that Black and his advocates are having the time of their lives doing this show and that they're in their element, and THAT'S what makes this show so great. Everyone on the show oozes talent, and the potential for humor is already sky high. "Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney?" Genius!

    Also, like "The Daily Show," when I finish "Root of All Evil" I don't feel like I just finished flushing my time down the drain. It's funny AND intelligent. The few comedies I can tolerate usually leave me with glazed eyes and a trail of drool down my chin, but I emerge from this with a grin on my face, a glint in my eye, and acid on my tongue. What more can you ask for?
  • We all feel a little smarter from watching this.

    Every week, Lewis Black and two comedians put two mind-numbing pop culture icons on trial, and each comedian presents their evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these icons are ruining our culture, and Lewis Black is faced with the task of figuring out which is the most evil.

    This show has massive potential. It is proving points without having to talk down to the viewers, and the debaters use facts, rather than opinion to back their claims. It's also a first in Comedy Central debate shows that they don't have to rely soley on insults and vulgarity to prove their point (I'm looking at you, Colin Quinn). Most of all, Lewis Black may be the host, but he's not hogging the spotlight. I hope Root of All Evil continues for many a year!
  • Lewis Black has his own show where he talks about who the root of all evil is.

    This show is quite good I thought it was a bad show at first because I thought it made no sence but I watched more of it and I liked it. I liked the one where they talk about Richard Cheney and Paris Hilton on which one is the root of all evil. I hope this show goes on for long enough since Comedy Central has been going downhill because this is the only good show on since South Park has been going downhill and Futurama was not made by Comedy Central but still a good show. I give this show a 8.3 out of 10 overall.
  • Could be better, needs more Lewis Black rants, less other people.

    I LOVE Lewis Black. I love how he rants about the stupidity and hypocrisy of our world. I love his political commentary.

    But unfortunately this show just doesn't work for me.
    Maybe there's just not enough Lewis Black.

    I don't want to see 2 random guys try to one up each other w/ lame oneliners in order to try to score points with Lewis Black. There's a few jokes, then some heavy metal riffs, Lewis makes a few remarks (often lascivious), mix and repeat ad nauseaum 'til the end of the show.

    Also, judging by the content/topics, the joks and the commericals booked during this time. This is VERY VERY obviously geared toward high school/college age boys. (Any show that has a "girls gone wild ad loses 1 point off its rating automatically!). Clearly Comedy Central isn't concerned about including college educated feminist women as part of their target audience.

    In my opinion, the show is a waste of Lewis Black's talent.

    It's not that bad - there's certainly a LOT worse stuff out there, but I probably wont' make a huge effort to watch it again. I've only seen about half the episodes so far (#1 Catholics v. Oprah/#3 Beer v. Weed and Porn/YouTube) but I feel like the show has already settled into a rut and only a very few laughs per episode. (I usually laugh nonstop through a Lewis Black routine).
  • The show made me laugh so hard i nearly cried!

    when i first saw this show advertised on tv, i thought it would only be a mediocre show that will be quickly cancelled, like last year's halfway home. i am glad to say that i am dead wrong. i dvr'd it and didn't watch it until a couple days after it first aired. when i read the title, oprah versus the catholic church, i started laughing like crazy. about halfway through i was already starting to tear up because i was laughing so hard. this is definitely the next best thing for comedy central, and they would be stupid to cancel it.
  • Lewis Black can do no wrong, and apparently neither can the other comedians. An excellent, hilarious show with great writing and great promise.

    I cannot get enough of Lewis Black, he's one of the best comedians out there. Even in his middle-aged mind, he can still connect with the younger generation and make me tear with laughter. When I heard he had a new show I was excited, but the topic of the show threw me off. The Root of All Evil? I'm pretty sure he's called every possible entity that during his career. Also, I didn't want him to have to share the stage with other, not as funny comedians giving poorly written monologues about subjects that aren't very interesting. Thankfully, I was grossly mistaken. Not only is Black as irreverant and perverted as ever, both redeeming qualities for him, but the set-up of the show works incredibly well and the other comedians are funny too! Greg Giraldo didn't look like he had taken a shower, but his lines about the Inquisition were right on. Tomkins performed better; his analysis of Oprah's view of inner-city schools was both gut-busting and insightful. Lewis Black wrapped things up with the most creative remark of the night: Catholic schoolgirl outfits would not exist without Catholicism, and therefore Oprah is the root of all evil.
  • I think this show shows some promise. I was quite entertained the entire 30 min, and look forward to the next showing.

    A show hosted by Lewis Black in the format of a Judge show. He starts by introducing the two sides that will be competing for being more evil. Then a advocate (advocate of the evilness) for each sides makes opening arguments. After arguments are made various forums of discussion are introduced that give each side a chance to voice their opinion. Black acts as the moderator and judge of the show, deciding on the final decision. In addition during the show- viewers can take part in a text message based poll of which the results are displayed during the credits. Word.
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