Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

Season 2 Episode 1

Ultimate Fighting vs. Bloggers

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jul 30, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • Season Two is off to a good start.

    So, the battle is between ultimate fighting (that fighting" crap on spike) and blogging (showing your profile). To contend is the rematch between patton oswalt and andrew daly. there were some hilarious lines of dialogue. although, patton had this one won from pretty early on, as he said alot more and better quality funny lines. Where as andrew spent his video showing off something that just isnt really laughable at (he even got some boos for it) and closed just apologizing.

    opening line: Daly
    Video presentation: Oswalt
    Jokes: Oswalt
    Ripple of Evil: Daly
    Inquisition: Oswalt

    Overall, Patton had this thing won from the start. but it was pretty funny for much of the episode.

    next, steroids vs. boobjobs.