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Friday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Jan 29, 2006 Between Seasons



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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2
      Conclusion: Did Inspector Lewis arrest the wrong person thirteen years ago?
    • 11/7/14
      Thirteen years after Inspector Lewis' first arrest, the case comes under scrutiny and Lewis begins to wonder whether he arrested the wrong person.
    • The Lions Of Nemea, Part 2
      Conclusion: Suspicions over the murder of a student found in a canal fall on Professor Felix Garwood who was having an affair with her.
    • 10/24/14
      Lewis comes out of retirement to help newly promoted DI Hathaway and his assistant DS Lizzie Maddox. The team's abilities are sorely tested when they investigate the brutal murder of American classics student Rose Anderson, whose body is hauled from the canal with stab wounds to the neck and abdomen. Initial suspicion falls on the wife of astrophysics professor Felix Garwood, who had recently broken off an affair with Rose, and is married to Rose's PHD supervisor. Could the jealous wife have committed murder?moreless
    • Entry Wounds, Part 2
      Conclusion: It appears that the death of a neurosurgeon is connected with his apparent failure to save a teenager's life during surgery.
    • Entry Wounds, Part 1
      A lack of experienced officers means that Chief Superintendent Innocent has asked Lewis to come out of retirement to help newly promoted DI Hathaway with his first murder investigation - a tricky case that bridges the worlds of neurosurgery, blood sports and animal rights. After an arson attack on a hunting lodge, Hathaway and new partner DS Lizzie Maddox have a dead neurosurgeon on their hands. Alastair Stoke was shot in the head on the farmland he co-owned with his troubled business partner, but as Hathaway delves into the network of fear and loathing that surrounds the surgeon, the case begins to career out of control.moreless
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