Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on ITV

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  • I finally watched this final episode of Lewis, and all my reservations were laid to rest. I was a big fan of Morse, and his faith in Lewis was well justified - he is a worthy successor, and Hathaway a great sidekick. Spoilers here.

    I was worried when they said they were bringing Lewis back to Oxford, and it didn't help that my video failed to record the pilot.

    So I came to this series of 3 with a certain trepidation. I was not disappointed, the first two were very good, very enjoyable detective shows. But not exceptional.

    Then I watched this last episode - and it was an excellent detective story. Nothing was as it seemed, nothing, from beginning to end, there was reveal after reveal.

    And Lewis, he was becoming more and more like Morse with every turn - the ocasional abrasive techniques, the subverting authority, encouraging his sergeant to do the same, he had certainly learnt from the master.

    The comedic moments were rather good too, and Hathaway was a good foil to Lewis, I particularly liked the moment in the school :)

    If Lewis is back, so will I.
  • A very good season finale.

    This could equally easily have been called "Surreptitious". Lots of secrets and lots of characters looking furtive. The secrets range from innocuous to deep and sinister. What starts as a sunny day scenario turns quite dark. Lewis proves he can be just as single minded and abrasive as his mentor, Morse, when it comes to interrogations and investigations of murder. This is also the first epsiode in either Morse or Lewis where I've seen Lewis be kissed by someone he's met during the case. This is another echo of Morse who, more often than not, found a woman to latch on to. The way Lewis and Hathaway find the suspect (at the very end), individually and seperately, seems to be a mirror of how they've worked so far. Lewis thinks out loud, whilst Hathaway speaks to someone to find out more information. The final line of the series was a very well tailored joke. Very enjoyable programme all round.
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