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  • A good tribute to John Thaw.

    I didn't watch the first two because I wasn't sure if it could stand up against its predecessor, but I finished catching up with my "taped to watch later" Morse yesterday, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was very good, and really didn't seem like a two hour story, even with the adverts LOL. What I mean is that the story was so interesting that I didn't realise 2 hours had passed. Obviously Lewis is a different personality from Morse, I'd suggest he does more "paper and pencil" type police work whereas Morse was more cerebral, like Poirot, it was his "little grey cells" which put the evidence puzzle together. With Lewis it's diagrams on white boards and he's still doing the legwork of the interviews (which his type of investigation seems to base itself on more anyway). He has a sidekick who is an ex-Head Boy/Oxford Grad/Avant Garde Music player who can quote TS Eliot etc at him, so the Morse "influence" isn't completely lost LOL. I'd been wondering how they were going to manage to give Lewis the same devoted marriage he'd had when he was Morses' Sgt. The writers must have chickened out and figured that they couldn't - not if he was going to be able to spend days and nights working on a case. The only "detective" that seems to manage to have a strong relationship is Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby in Midsomer Murders. I know Columbus is married but he's got a pretty dysfunctional marriage in comparison to the Barnabys LOL. *All* the others I can think of are single, from JB Fletcher & Miss Marple to Dr. Mark Sloan & Poirot via Jim Rockford & Cadfael. Maybe the writers were concerned that it'd turn into a "Midsomer Murders of Oxford" if they had Lewis running home to his missus and discussing the cases with her and his kids. It's seems like a good tribute to John Thaw. It's definitely worth a first watch, and I'll continue with it.