Lewis - Season 7

ITV (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Intelligent Design, Part 2

    DS Hathaway comes across the apparent suicide of a student, and a DNA sample shows a connection to the first crime scene. It seems that the killer is desperately trying to cover his tracks.

  • 2/4/13

    The body of a former biochemist is found beneath a Jaguar the day after his release from a sentence for drink-driving. Elsewhere, the skeletal remains of a Chinese woman are found in the attic of a college chapel. A name scratched into the car paintwork suggests a connection between the deaths.

  • The Ramblin' Boy, Part 2

    Lewis and Gray are certain that the student was attacked because of what he knew about the mysterious cremation, then discover that his father has also disappeared. In Croatia, DS Hathaway makes a surprising breakthrough.

  • 1/21/13

    The embalmed body of a man who was supposedly cremated is found dumped near farmland. Meanwhile, the wife of the owner of the local crematorium has gone missing. New DC Alex Gray is assigned to assist Lewis while Hathaway recuperates on holiday.

  • Down among the Fearful, Part 2

    A second psychologist has been murdered, but the principal suspects have solid alibis for the second murder. The detectives identify the source of the etorphine, and uncover a connection between the first victim and the euthanasia advocate who had been helping with their inquiries.

  • 1/7/13

    Lewis and Hathaway investigate the death of a psychology research fellow, who had been given a massive dose of a powerful opiate. The dead man had been moonlighting as a psychic. Another psychic claims to have been contacted by his spirit and to be able to name the murderer.