Season 1 Episode 1

Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • At one point, Lewis annouces that he's attended "far too many Masonic dinners". Inspector Morse was a Free Mason himself.

    • At one point in the episode, Anna Massey's character of Professor Gold asks Lewis if they have ever met before. Anna Massey played the character of Lady Emily Balcombe in the Inspector Morse episode, Happy Families.

    • Colin Dexter (author of the Morse novels) cameos as an Oxford don, seen in the opening dining scene where Sefton Lynn says grace. Dexter also worked as a consultant in the episode, helping the producers form the said grace in Latin.

  • Quotes

    • (At the reception for the chamber music recital)
      Innocent: You do scrub up well, Inspector.
      Lewis: Oh, this penguin suit's been to far too many Masonic dinners - the trouser leg keeps rolling up of its own accord.

    • Anne Sadikov: I'm Anne Sadikov, Inspector. This is my husband, Theodore Platt.
      Theodore Platt: (Shouts drunkenly) Bloody women! They'll take everything except a man's name these days. You should be Mrs Platt.
      Anne Sadikov: Much too close to "prat" for my liking.

    • Hathaway: Oh, and there was a white band on his wrist from wearing a watch, but no watch.
      Lewis: Well, he won't be needing one now.
      Hathaway: Nothing like a bit of gallows humour to kick start the day, eh, sir?

    • Professor Gold: You're a scholar?
      Hathaway: Yes.
      Professor Gold: Cambridge?
      Hathaway: What makes you ask that?
      Professor Gold: It would explain your limitations.

  • Notes

    • Andi Osho originally had a role in this episode as a receptionist, however her scenes were later deleted.

    • This episode was watched by 7.4 million viewers.

    • Filming Locations
      Allanbay Park, Howe Lane, Binfield, Berkshire (Platt's house: interior and exterior)
      Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford (Lewis and Hathaway examine Greek coin)
      Askew Road, Shepherd's Bush, London (Lewis and Hathaway watch the phone box outside "Lovelines")
      Bike Zone, Market Street, Oxford (Bundrick's Bicycles)
      Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford (final scene with Lewis, Hathaway and Professor Gold)
      Brasenose Lane, Oxford (Lewis removes his bow tie after the concert)
      Duke Humfrey's Library, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford (Seymour College library - Lewis talks to Professor Gold)
      Gordon Road, West Ealing, London (Lewis's flat: interior)
      Magdalen College, High Street, Oxford (Seymour College: Principal's house, quad, cloisters, forecourt)
      New College Lane, Oxford (Lewis chases Linn)
      New College, New College Lane, Oxford (Seymour College: chamber music concert)
      Oriel College, Oriel Street, Oxford (Seymour College: Linn's sitting room, college hall)
      Oxford railway station, Botley Road, Oxford (Ingrid Nielson and Dean Greely arrive by train)
      Qinetic Building, Chobham Lane, Longcross, Surrey, (Police station - interior)
      Randolph Hotel, Beaumont Street, Oxford (Lewis and Hathaway question Ingrid)
      Ravenscourt Hospital, Ravenscourt Square, Chiswick, London (Platt is taken to hospital after collapsing)
      Riverbank, Shiplake College, Shiplake, Berkshire (Greely's narrowboat - riverbank)
      Sherwood Close, West Ealing, London (Tina Daniels' flat)
      St Mary Magdalene Church, Rowington Close, Paddington, London (Gold summons Linn, Platt and Bundrick to a meeting in the library vault)
      The Cricketers pub, Horsell, Woking, Surrey (Lewis and Hathaway are struggling to understand Greely's notes in Greek)
      Turl Street, Oxford (Lewis and Laura Hobson discuss the post mortem)
      West Wycombe Park, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Platt's house: grounds and temple)

    • Music:
      The Who - The Seeker
      Die Moritat von Mackie Messer
      Schubert - Quartet No. 12 in C minor, Second Theme

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