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Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1999 on Space
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As the Lexx approaches the centre of the universe a strange building appears out of nowhere... with the Brunnen-G battle song emanating from within. Going inside, the crew discovers a theatre troupe performing the history of the Brunnen-G. They ask Kai to play his part in the story - the starring role as it turns out.moreless

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  • This episode is about the Brunnen G and Kai's past, and except of a few passages narrated by the Master of Ceremonies, the story is told through songs.

    Brigadoom is one of my favourite Lexx episodes, if not my favourite. I should mention that I'm far from being a musical fan, but it is so beautifully done, I can watch it over and over again without getting tired.

    This episode is about the Brunnen G and Kai's past, and except of a few passages narrated by the Master of Ceremonies, the story is told through songs.

    Once, the Brunnen G were famous warriors who saved humankind in the great Insect Wars, which eventually lead to the destruction of their home planet. After the war, they isolated themselves behind an enormous defence shield on another planet, Brunnis 2, and developed the ability to evade ageing and death by altering their bodies. From then on, the Brunnen G "became small, they became dull, they became pathetic. Their bodies did not age, but the life contained in them was decadent and worthless. Their victory over death, was a hollow one."

    Thousand years later, the shield begins to weaken. Kai and the other few Newborns, who scorn the "dull" life of the Brunnen G, can see through it, and become aware of His Divine Shadow and his ruthless conquer and enslavement of the universe. Kai tries to warn the other Brunnen G about the danger, but they won't listen to him.

    When he seeks out the Time Prophet to get answers about the fate of the Brunnen G, she tells him: "I gaze into the future past, and I see the Brunnen G's doom. But Kai, you'll be the last to die, and there is something else I see. His Shadow's order will be destroyed at the hands of the last Brunnen G."

    Once again he warns his people, but they accuse him of treachery and punish him with ageing and death. When they finally learn that Kai was right, the Brunnen G refuse to fight and decide to die. Only the small group of Newborns are willing to follow him into war against His Shadow, though knowing that they won't stand a chance against his vast force:

    Kai: "If this should be our final stand, we will stand together with pride. We will honour the past, and fight to the last. It will be a good way to die."

    Newborns: "It matters not if the cause is lost, and we cannot stop the tide. We will fight to the end, and then fight again. It will be a good way to die."

    At the end, the Master of Ceremonies invites Kai, Xev and Stan to stay, and by thus offering them an opportunity to survive the end of the Light Universe. This is my favourite scene of the entire series, because it is actually Stan who convinces Kai and Xev to leave, and it's probably one of the bravest moments of his life (we are talking about Stan here!):

    Stan: "Because two thousand years ago, Kai was right. It's better to die fighting, than to die running. And come on, let's face it, at the centre there's nothing but a coward's death."

    Xev: "So where are we going to go?"

    Stan: "To fight Mantrid. Why should we just replay what's already happened? Let's rewrite the ending."

    Xev: "Yes. Yes, Stanley, we are going to fight Mantrid. The Lexx still is the most powerful single force in the universe."

    Stan: "At least it'll be a good way to die."moreless
  • This was my all time favorite episode. I have watched Lexx since the very beginning and never miss an episode, but this one was the best of them all. The original music, and the acting brought out the true essance of the show.moreless

    The show begins like any other , where the Lexx is looking for a home . Finding a floating theater in the middle of space made the viewer wonder if the crew of the lexx were to encounter another group of slightly strange humanoids. The surprise comes when Kai IS the show.Stans typical distrust of everything not female and well endowed comes out, but Xev of course alwasy and forever in love with Kai wants to see the life story of her dead true love. Then the music begins. The lyrics and music are true to the Lexx series and will not disappoint. Especially if you are a musical lover. Xev\'s ( Xenia Seeberg) a professional singer has a beautiful voice and adds a great amount of natural emotion to the love song which see sings along with Kai. I would recommend this episode to anyone who loves the Lexx series and especially to those who enjoy a bit of change from the great roll of the series story line.moreless
  • This episode is one of the favorites not only among Lexx fans but also by fans of musicals. And if you watch this episode you will learn why.

    OK this episode starts out with Stanley having the Lexx running from Mantrid and his army of drone arms. Xev is still trying to convince him to fight back but Stan only wants to flee. This sets the stage for the start of one of the greatest episodes ever. A strange building appears infront of the Lexx, Xev and Stan can hear Kai's BrunnenG chant so they all decide to go in and investigate. What they find is a seemingly lifeless stage but suddenly comes to life with individuals dress like Kai singing a song. Kai explains that they are singing the story of the BrunnenG.

    After the strange band of singers stop a strange man named The Master of Ceremonies tells the crew that they are reanacting Kai's life before he died at the hands of His Shadow. Kai and eventually Xev joins in singing of Kai's tale but Stan wants no part of it still only interested in running to the center of the Universe. But the point of this musical is not to only tell Kai's story but to convince Stan to fight Mantrid instead of running away from him.

    As the songs come to an end Stanley realizes that it is better to die fighting than to die running and so the crew departs from the strange building and re-boards the Lexx as they fly away the building disappears as soon as it appeared. After the crew is back on the bridge Stanley tells the Lexx to turn around and find Mantrid.

    One of the best episodes you will find. And not to mention that Kai and Xev both have great singing voices only added to this great episode.moreless
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