Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1999 on Space
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Stanley's broadcast for help against Mantrid brings them in contact with Brizon, designer of the Lexx and Mantrid's teacher. He claims he can shut down the drones, but can he be trusted?

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      • 790: Gently, gently! Don't harm my honeypot!
        (Kai pulls the needle out of Xev)
        Kai: She'll be fine.
        Xev: For the little time we have left.
        Stan: So, what now? (No one has an answer) Somebody?

      • Mantrid: Of course I noticed the primitive little bug he placed in an early version of the machine I've become. His death has given me particular pleasure, as yours soon will.
        Kai: Your drone-arms have already eaten most of this Universe. Is that not enough? Do you have to destroy everything?
        Mantrid: You're trying to reason with me, but I'm a machine, and will not respond in kind. I tell you that part of my programming comes from my insect in me, so I get satisfaction in the destruction of humans and their habitat, but my satisfaction will not be complete, until I've destroyed you, Last of the Brunnen-G.
        Kai: Then what are you waiting for? Here I am, why don't you come and destroy me now?
        Mantrid: Because I'm enjoying the game. The game will end when you, the very last thing in this universe, succumb to me. You will not have to wait long, our game is almost at its end. Toodle-loo.

      • Xev: When you said that you could bring Kai back to life, were you telling the truth?
        Brizon: No, course not. I mean, look at me. I can't even bring myself back to real life. Kai is dead for all time, sorry.

      • Mantrid: Brizon!
        Brizon: Who else? You self-loving pretender!
        Mantrid: Who else, indeed? Are you here to worship me? To kneel before my achievement?
        Brizon: You prion. Gaze into the eyes of Brizon, and know that you were always, always second-best!
        Mantrid: Second best? You deluded flatulent farce! You should be grateful to have crawled behind me, and suckled my shit!
        Brizon: My accomplishments exceeded yours at every turn, you stole what you are from me!
        Mantrid: I stole nothing, I created all!
        Brizon: Liar! I am the greatest repository of Man's intellect! The supreme sorcerer in nature! The ultimate devisor of things known and unknown!
        Mantrid: Blithering interloper! I am the greatest Bio-Vizier of all time! That ever was, and all that will ever be!
        Brizon: You, my friend, are the collected sewage of ten billion dynasties! Your legacy has been flushed out!
        Mantrid: You, my friend, are a leaking boil on the anus of a cancerous rodent, squeaking from a damp corner of oblivion!
        Brizon: Gas bag!
        Mantrid: Phlegm sack!
        Brizon: Sycophant!
        Mantrid: Midget!

      • (The Crew has just now found Mantrid's Ship)
        Brizon: Knock, knock, anybody home?
        Stan: Do you want me to blow it up?
        Brizon: No! I've got you, I've defeated you, humiliated you! You're at my mercy now, Bio-fraud! And we're all out of mercy at the moment. C'mon, Mantrid, let's see you! Show us your ugly face! Oh, look at you, look at you.

      • Brizon: Mantrid! You impostor, you intellectual runt! You're no match for Brizon, you never were! I'm coming for you, Mantrid! Tremble before me, mewl like a baby before I squash you!

      • 790: This planet is on the border of the unconsumed section of this galaxy. We can expect Mantrid's drones to devour it shortly.
        Brizon: All the drones report their activities back to Mantrid in the form of data. If we can successfully capture a working one, I can corrupt its normal data stream and replace it with a special command.
        Kai: What command would that be?
        Brizon: Since Mantrid's machine is my design, it will respond to a special command-code from me. It will shut down when I instruct it to shut down.
        Stan: What, just like that?
        Brizon: Just like that. Brilliance is simply the art of planning ahead.
        790: Arrogance is simply being a great big know-it-all.

      • Brizon: To defeat Mantrid, I need but one thing, a properly-functioning drone-arm.
        Stan: Oh, a drone-arm! Well, gee, you know, we're fresh out!
        Brizon: Then we must get one.
        Kai: Where you find one, there are millions.
        Brizon: So it will require some enterprise. I'm sure we're up to it, collectively.
        Stan: Hey, look, why should we trust you?
        Brizon: Do I seem untrustworthy?
        Xev: Yes.
        Brizon: Then consider me untrustworthy.

      • Kai: Mantrid built the machine designed to house his human essence after the death of his body. It worked, except that his essence ... accidentally combined with the essence of the last surviving insect, which is what is now destroying this universe.
        Brizon: The machine you are referring to is my design, which Mantrid copied in his attempt to deny death. I'm not surprised he screwed it up.

      • Brizon: And, of course, you know of my student.
        Xev: You mean, Mantrid?
        Brizon: Yes.
        Stan: Yeah, we know more about Mantrid than we care to.
        Brizon: Mantrid was my best student, an excellent imitator. He had a tremendous gift for absorbing knowledge. But, unfortunately, he never had an original thought in his head. He, of course, would disagree.
        Stan: I hate to burst your bubble there, pal, but, uh, Mantrid, is a galaxy-gobbling juggernaut! And you, well, you've got breathing-tubes filled with gunk!
        Brizon: Only temporarily. In both cases. You mind if I have a look around?

      • Xev: Kai, do you think he could help us?
        Kai: He would know more about Mantrid, than anyone else alive.
        Xev: That's enough for me.
        Stan: That's too much for me

      • 790: While conducting this pointless search for Mantrid, I've composed a new poem dedicated to you.
        Xev: That's nice.
        790: It's titled, "They can eat the Universe, but they can't eat our love", here it goes.
        The planets will be gone
        But our passion will burn on
        The stars will leave the sky
        But they won't fall from our eyes
        So dance in the shower
        As all is devoured
        Jump in bed with the head
        Let me water your flower!
        (Stan looks over at 790)
        Xev: That's enough.
        790: But there are 789 more verses, love pumpkin.
        Xev: That's enough!
        790: I'm only trying to comfort you.
        Xev: It's not working.

      • Xev: So, how are we going to find Mantrid? He could be anywhere in the Universe.
        Stan: Yeah, what's left of it.
        Kai: Perhaps it is unnecessary to seek him out. I suspect that if we wait, he will eventually come to us.
        Stan: Waiting for Mantrid to find us? Tha-that's a recipe for suicide! We've gotta do something!
        790: I vote that Tweedle commit suicide right here and now. I want some pleasure before this is all over.

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