Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2002 on Space

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  • Lexx does Frankenstein - with a touch of black humour!

    Although, not as great as 'Prime Ridge' this one continues Lexx's Season 4 momentum pretty well. Still on the run now the gang find themselves in Mort's 'Fun Parlour'. Mort is exceptionally well acted and there's a wonderful flashback where his beloved DeeDee is killed by a farm grinder. Mort's likeability is a key factor in this episode, as I felt for his plight and kinda wanted DeeDee to be alright in the end. A great moment was watching her utter the classic words 'I kill you in the name of his Divine Shadow'. Probably one of the all-time best scenes of Lexx also occurs in this episode - when Stan and Xev are trying to 'comfort' the grieving couple. Xev's exchanges are utterly hilarious!