Season 4 Episode 14

Prime Ridge

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2002 on Space

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  • A hilarious fun episode set on Earth - and a definete improvement on the last three episodes.

    I love this episode for many reasons - it's very funny - the writers exploit the shows great set-up well. Of particular interest here is a superb guest performance from Britt Ekland as 'Dulcabella' - in fact to be honest, most of the guest cast are really well cast here. The Stress councillor scenes crack me up everytime I see them - as well as pretty much ever scene with Dulcebella in them. The episode does feature some significant development as well - with Kai's protoblood nearing expiration, Moss finally tracking down the Lexx crew and Gordon & Skakita's stealing of their moth - thereby stranding them on Earth until 'Dutch Treat'. Great fun though and highly recommended.