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  • Probably the best Science Fiction show ever and one of the most overlooked in the history of TV Sci-Fi.

    Well along with a handful of other TV shows, I feel Lexx is one of the best ever TV shows. At a time where Trek and Stargate were churning out great sci-fi, it was bold for a TV show to take that concept and turn it inside out - clearly it didn't make it to the mainstream anywhere near as much - but what it did do, was create a unique TV show that if you give it a solid try (watch atleast 10), you'll probably fall in love with.

    Xev in particular, but also Stan are particularly loveable characters. The show has some excellent recurring characters in Prince, Lyekka, Bunny & Priest and some hilarious and very touching moments often in the same episode.

    Perhaps the only weakest point to the cast was '790', who started out with some wonderful quips, but ended up something of a maniacal killer drone.

    The show's highs are probably 'Brigadoom', all of Season 3 and 'Yo Way Yo' for me. But out of the 67 episodes/movies I could count the truly bad ones on one hand.

    Give it a try - you may just love it, like i do.