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  • Now, this here show's not for everyone; just for oddballs like me, who like their science-fiction quirky, dark, sexy and twisted.

    Now, this show is not for everyone, which explains why no one knew about it. It's very quirky, dark, sometimes foolish, and has scads of sex-related themes, but I loved it all (and there was another *living* ship) – the LEXX – and 790 the Robot head (yes, just the *head*) who is in love with Xev!; and Kai, former assassin, the hottest Dead guy in the Light Universe and member of the Brunnen-G! I used to play the song of the Brunnen-G on my old computer as an event sound—which was not always good 'cause it's too long! There was the aforementioned Xev/Zev a hybrid love slave/cluster lizard, and the annoying Stanley Tweedle, accidental captain of the good ship LEXX; not to mention Nigel Bennett as the villainous Prince in the latter seasons! Outrageouness prevailed on this series, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. This show had a good run; I think I and only five other people actually watched it here in the states. But we loved it!