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  • Awesome show, loads of fun if you're into strange stuff.

    I guess this show might be considered offensive, profane and all other sorts of things, never the less I love it!

    There are only a few Scifi shows that made me laugh like Lexx does. More than that I loved watching a show where an anti-hero (for lack of a better word) has control over a giant and powerfull spaceship and mostly just uses it for his own amusement, like blowing up plants among other things, or to run away as fast as he can to stay alive.
    Helping other people is not on Stanley H. Tweedles todo-list and he usually only does it if threatened with his life or some hot chick calls for help, not that it has ever earned him anything but trouble but he still trys to get sex out of every opportunity that presents itself. In the end he usually has to run for his life.
    The only reason he is beeing kept alive by his totally disloyal and disfunctional crew is that he is the only who has the key to the Lexx and he naturally does not part with it.

    Its kind of refreshing to see a scifi show that actually features a low life main character, who despite everything is trying to save the universe but only to save his own behind.