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  • Very bad choise!

    I've watched Lexx grudgingly, trusting others' advice that it would eventually prove worthwhile. It hasn't. This is some of the worst sci-fi I've ever seen. The writing is poor, the cast is miscast, the plots are muddled (and apparently written by people with serious psychosexual issues), the effects are cheap and desktop-PC like, and the music is heavy handed. There's nothing worth saving here. I'm not even sure I'd call this science fiction. I'd call it fantasy, perhaps, because there's virtually no scientific credibility to anything in this show. The technology is a poorly executed prop in a universe that makes no sense. They've failed to explore any themes or ideas that relate to the future, to science, or to society, and their presentation of a futuristic dystopia is confused and obviously poorly thought out. Its Jules Verne sensibilities would be more appropriate to a program for small children (though its sadomasochistic undertones rule that out, obviously). Some shows are bad in a good way. This isn't one of them, and I'm guessing it's ended a few careers. I just hope it isn't getting any play outside Canada, as it's a national embarrassment. I'd put it in the What the #*?# Were You Thinking bucket of failed television.