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  • Lexx - Where to begin?

    It's hard to fully explain the contrast of feelings I have for this show. It could be utterly unique one minute and then staggeringly facile and derivative the next.

    There's always talk of 'you didn't get it' if you mention some dislike of the show to a hardcore fan, but unfortunately for a show that enjoyed poking fun at tropes of SF shows and at the world in general it was often crushingly obvious and poorly written. As for most of the humour and 'eroticism,' well that barely ever worked for me.

    That being said Stanley is the epitome of the loser in space - Phillip J. Fry and Arnold Rimmer would have a lot to learn from him, but despite this the acting was always so good you couldn't help but feel sympathy for him. The rest of the principal cast were good too - although I always thought Eva Habermann was far better as Zev. It's just a shame that the majority of the supporting actors tended to put in a poor performance.

    The other thing I still give major credit for, is the guts to do things most SF shows don't and that's not care about shaking up the universe - whether destroying one, putting the Earth in the 'dark' universe and then just blowing it up.

    Do I miss it? Just a tiny bit, as once in a while it would surprise the hell out of you, just wish it had happened more often.