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  • Lexx was a unique SciFi series. There's nothing remotely like it. More often than not it sucked, sometimes it rocked, but nonetheless Lexx was a decent show.

    Although I say this is a decent show, Lexx is the worst show I've watched all the way through. I don't continue to watch bad series so being the worst series I've seen all the way is not so bad, is it?

    Lexx is a crazy series about a huge bug flying in space, called Lexx. Lexx is also the most powerful destructive force in the 2 universes (light zone and the dark zone). The crew consists of Stanley, a lowly security guard, and a love-slave/cluster lizard hybrid, an undead assassin who can more or less eliminate anyone anywhere and last but not least, a robot-head with organic tissue in his brain that makes him fall in love with other people in the "crew".

    It's safe to say that Lexx is one of the craziest and most unique series I've ever seen, but that isn't an excuse for the change in quality of the series. The quality of episodes change a lot during the 4 seasons of Lexx.

    Lexx is mostly a SciFi comedy, also there are episodes which are very beautiful and dramatic. The music of Lexx is good I must say.

    My favorite seasons are the first and the second. Back then I thought Lexx is a good series, not merely decent. However the quality of the third season and especially the fourth, which was very bad, was not so good.

    If not for the excellent final episode which ended the series, I would've rated the series lower than 7. But the last episode was so good that it was worth watching all the way through the crappy season 4 to see it. I had shudders all the way in that episode, reminded me of the Lexx when it was actually good.

    I can recommend this show to anyone who likes crazy shows with a lot of imagination, humor and also some beautiful and dramatic episodes. Beware that the quality of the episodes will degrade a lot after the first 2 seasons. But it might just be worth it to watch Lexx all the way through, the final episode was a real treat.