Space (ended 2002)


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  • Good start, dies in the middle, creeping death at the end.

    The show starts off fun the first two seasons keep you interested in a very colorful show with interesting enemies. Despite the Beyond thunderdome campy appearance of the show the first two seasons are enjoyable in sort of a Brazil meets 5th element only less interesting kind of way. However the writer of the show had a vision, not a show in mind so the next two seasons are singly the most boring thing I have ever tried to watch. If you can even make it through season 4 you have the fortitude of a god.

    I cant bash to show too much, it did create ideas that other shows took and made better shows with, Andromeda and Farscape both went with the living ship idea and it did have interesting elements that got used again. However the writing and plot as a whole felt like some long winded skin flick filmed in a cheap studio in Canada. It looks like something that I would have watched on USA up all night in the 80s. Its right up there with attack of the killer tomatoes.