Lexx - Season 2

Space (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • End Of The Universe
    Episode 20
    With only hours to go before Mantrid has demolished the universe, Stanley comes up with the idea of creating their own army of drones based on 790 to combat Mantrid's. But is it too little too late?
  • Brizon
    Episode 19
    Stanley's broadcast for help against Mantrid brings them in contact with Brizon, designer of the Lexx and Mantrid's teacher. He claims he can shut down the drones, but can he be trusted?
  • Brigadoom
    Episode 18
    As the Lexx approaches the centre of the universe a strange building appears out of nowhere... with the Brunnen-G battle song emanating from within. Going inside, the crew discovers a theatre troupe performing the history of the Brunnen-G. They ask Kai to play his part in the story - the starring role as it turns out.moreless
  • The Net (2)
    The Net (2)
    Episode 17
    The Lexx is captured by a web-like organism that tries to devour it. The creature takes control over Stanley, using him to fool the others into thinking that the danger is over.
  • The Net
    Episode 17
    As the Universe continues to disappear, the Lexx almost gets caught in a giant living net. It just barely escapes, but something is definitely wrong onboard. But this time we see that the Lexx is actually still caught, that the Web creature has control over the Lexx and is also inside Stanley's brain. So when Xev gets eyes for Stanley she finds herself in a very dangerous situation. It's the same story as The Web, only completely different.moreless
  • The Web
    Episode 16
    As the Universe continues to disappear, the Lexx almost gets caught in a giant living net. It just barely escapes, but something is definitely wrong onboard. After a complex search the crew discover that they did not escape, but are still ensnared in the Web, which has control of the Lexx's brain. Eventually they do really escape and head for the centre of the universe, their only hope in a rapidly disappearing cosmos. And Xev, realizing that the end is near and little time is left, gets eyes for Stanley for the first time.moreless
  • The Web (1)
    The Web (1)
    Episode 16
    As Mantrid is eating up the universe with exponentially increasing speed, Kai sees the Lexx's only option as traveling to the center of the universe, hoping to discover a remaining portal to the Dark Zone. But on their way, they fly into a giant living "web" and then everything goes blank...moreless
  • Patches in the Sky
    Episode 15
    Stanley Tweedle goes for a ride on the Narcolounger where you can, for a small fee, enter your own dreams. But Stanley Tweedle's dream turns into a nightmare when he encounters the cannibal woman Giggerota. And Stanley gets stuck in his dream because the Narcolounger's operator, Gubby Mok, has observed that whole sections of the universe are disappearing, and this news has caused Gubby to go over the deep end.moreless
  • Woz
    Episode 15
    When 790 reluctantly reveals that Xev has a built-in expiry date that's soon up, the Lexx heads to the planet Woz where the only remaining love-slave transformation device is.
  • Woz
    Episode 14
    The robot head, 791, confesses in tears that Xev has only 79 hours left before she automatically expires. To remedy this, they go to Woz, a planet that is known to have a version of the Lustikon machine, which can reset her clock. There they meet the Wuzzard, fight the Black Lady and learn that "there's no place like home".moreless
  • Patches In The Sky
    Episode 14
    Stanley is trapped inside a nightmare after entering a dream-enhancing machine. Meanwhile it's proprietor discovers that the destruction caused by Mantrid's drones has reached a galactic level.
  • Twilight
    Episode 13
    The Lexx is forced to land on a mysterious planet to seek help when Stanley collapses. Unfortunately, the place has a strange effect on the dead, as Kai goes off on his own reciting poetry, while the corpses buried nearby arise at night to devour the living.
  • Norb
    Episode 12
    Norb is found floating alone in space, nearly out of oxygen he is taken aboard. To their horror, it turns out he has been modified by Mantrid, and releases a handful of drones who begin tearing the ship apart, building new copies of themselves.
  • Nook
    Episode 11
    Xev starts quite a commotion when the Lexx lands on a planet inhabited only an order of monks, none of whom have ever seen a woman before...
  • Wake The Dead
    Episode 10
    The Lexx takes aboard 5 youths in who've drifted in space for 300 years in cryo-stasis. With nothing better to do they decide to party, until one of them corrupts Kai's programming, turning him into a psychopathic killer.
  • 791
    Episode 9
    The Lexx is forced to respond to an emergency signal on a nearby planet, when Lyekka awakes - hungry. They find a crashed ship, seemingly empty except for a cyborg body (which 790 decides to make his own).
  • White Trash
    Episode 8
    Stanley discovers much to his dismay that they aren't alone on the Lexx. A family of hillbilly farmers has been living there in hiding, and decides to seize control of the ship and return to their home planet.
  • Love Grows
    Episode 7
    The Lexx intercepts the porn-flick a nearby space transport is running as entertainment, and Stanley orders the ship to head for the source - believing it to be an actual distress signal. But when they arrive, they find only the wrecked remains of the transport, with the hazardous material it was transporting leaking out.moreless
  • Stan's Trial
    Episode 6
    Stanley is captured aboard a pleasure transport by the committee of justice for the 94 reformed planets - and charged with the murder of 685 billion people.
  • Lafftrak
    Episode 5
    Xev demands for the gang to investigate an abandoned world, still transmitting TV signals. The computer host offers them parts in different TV shows, though they had better get good ratings or they'll end up canceled.
  • Luvliner
    Episode 4
    The Lexx intercepts a transmission from the Luvliner sex-satellite, and Stanley steers the Lexx towards it - eager to finally get some "action". But when they arrive, things aren't exactly as advertised.
  • Lyekka
    Episode 3
    As Stanley wakes from a dream, he finds a beautiful female bearing a startling similarity to someone he used to know next to him. Just as he and Kai are trying to figure out what make of her, they make first contact with astronauts from the isolated planet Potatohole.
  • Terminal
    Episode 2
    Stanley messes up the cryo-stasis revival procedure, and Kai reverts back to His Shadow's assassin for a moment, puncturing Stanley's heart. With Stanley in stasis they locate an orbital medical facility, though without any funds, they are turned down until Zev threatens them with the Lexx.
  • Mantrid
    Episode 1
    Under the control of His Shadow, Kai convinces Stanley to return to the ruins of Cluster in the Light universe to search for more protoblood. They find insect larva, but it is dormant and it can't produce protoblood. So Kai insists on taking it to Mantrid, an infamous scientist that might be able to revive it.moreless
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