Season 4 Episode 18

The Game

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2002 on Space

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  • This episode is about Kai facing prince in a chess game with the stakes been if Kai wins he gets the chance to come back to life if Prince wins he gets the lives of Xev and Stanley.

    The Game is the last episode of Lexx I watched I thought the episode had a good point to it and when the headed chess pieces of the past and present Lexx Characters get axed.The actual terms of the episode were great the fact that Kai come back to life makes the stakes of the chess game more interesting and the fact that Xev and Stanleys lives are at risk makes the episode more tense. The episode is very exciting because you know if Kai wins he could have the chance to come back to life this makes me more interested in the episode. For me one of the better episodes especially due to the stakes in the episode.
  • All the cast members as chess pieces and seeing them get killed how do you not love it?

    This is one of my all time favorite episodes of the series not just because it had the cast members being killed in it. This was a very interesting and original episode that I watched over and over. It might be the only time I found chess to be exciting, but however they did it they made it fun to watch. Kai is playing chess with Prince and if Kai wins Prince promises to give Kai life, but if Prince wins then Stan and Xev's lives belong to Prince. It seems that Kai is really getting beaten badly but in the end he is able to beat Prince and wrap up a very odd chess match. But when Kai tells Prince to make good on his promise Prince vanishes. Will Prince fulfill his promise? If you watch the series finale Yo Way Yo then you will find out for yourself.

    All in all just about the best episode I've seen from any show in some time.