Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on Space

Episode Recap

As the Lexx flies away from Earth toward a new planet, the crew discovers a strange organic bulb on the galley counter. The bulb opens and reveals two round berries and a small potted plant. A holographic image of Lyekka's face appears and informs the crew that this is her thank-you gift for their helping her on Earth. Lyekka tells Kai the potted plant - a Yowraa-Taang - will open and bloom if he sings to it. Stan and Xev have been given the berries, which Lyekka says are the rarest and most exquisite delicacy in the two universes.

Slightly skeptical, Stan and Xev at first hesitate to eat the berries. Eventually they decide it's worth the risk since the berries are a welcome change from "Lexx food." Kai sings to his plant, which opens into a glowing flower that disperses shimmering particles into the air. Kai decides to save his energy and steps into his cryopod.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Xev and Stan begin to suffer hallucinations. Prince appears and convinces Xev that Kai is now alive again. Prince convinces Stan that Xev wants him dead so she can get the key back. Stan and Xev's hallucinations intensify and soon the two chase each other around the Lexx with axes and spears. Visions of Vlad and strange voices fill the passageways and begin driving the two of them mad. Stan and Xev fight in the cryochamber, where the Yowraa-Tanng plant has penetrated and destroyed the cryopod control unit.

Kai, awakened by the skirmish, separates Stan and Xev and prevents them from killing each other. Kai hooks them up to the protein regenerator to restore them to their normal selves. Kai explains that the berries and plant were deliberately misrepresented by Lyekka in order to kill the Lexx crew. He also mentions he can no longer freeze himself in the cyropod because the control unit is destroyed and that he will run out of protoblood in a matter of days.