Season 4 Episode 24

Yo Way Yo

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on Space

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  • This is by far the best episode of season 4 if not the entire series and was the best episode of any show I've seen in years.

    I had wanted to write a review for this episode for some time but I didn't know if I could explain the beauty of this episode properly.

    Well here I go, this show has always mixed in elements of humor, excitement, and some amounts of weirdness and this episode had it all and then some. The way you got to see each of the three main characters stand up for what they believed in and especially Kai.

    In the last ten minutes of this show the pace is none stop. Coming to an exciting close that involved the death of one of the shows main characters.

    Lexx is by far the most unique show to be made in the last ten to fifteen years hands down and it ended with the best finale I think any show could ever hope for.

  • Lexx and it´s crew are about to leave the Earth to find themselves a new home, but not without problems. Lyekka is on Earth eating just about everything on Japaneese-Land. Stanley and Xev now fear that the whole universe is threaten by Lyekka and her sist

    My short review:
    Interesting, intelligent, exciting, hard to predict, loving, very worth seeing, the best episode ever in Lexx, and also one of the best episodes in television Sci-Fi of all. I almost cried at the end... never expected this. This episode will give Lexx a place in my mind and heart for a very long time.

    My long review:
    Well, if you haven't seen this episode you surely missed out on something truly amazing. I give this episode 10 points. I've watched through the entire series of Lexx, and I must admitt that sometimes it has been hard to watch, boring lines and stupid story, but NOT in this episode.

    Since the whole Earth is being threaten I thought the end of Lexx-series was obvious. Neither Stanley nor Xev likes this world of ours which is located in the darkest and most evil zone in the Dark Universe. They want to leave...

    But things can go wrong...

    Every single line, every happening in this episode is suprising. Exciting things overwhelms you from the beginning to the end. When you're about to give up all hope for the crew, then new and original oppurtunities appears.

    My oppinion says that this episode carries up almost all of season four. This is indeed everything a Sci-Fi-fan can wish for. One single episode that twist's everything you took for granted in Lexx. A great episode, a great end for Lexx, this makes one wish that Lexx haven't been cancelled. This is the perfect episode to finish four years of exciting adventures.

    I don't want to reveal too much, but if you have seen Lexx, I can strongly recommend you to continue watching til you reach this end. It will be worth every single second.

    Take care!

    Yo way yo...