Liar's Club

(ended 1969)


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Liar's Club

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What's the name of that thingamagiggit and how in the world do you use it? That, in a nutshell, was the object of Liar's Club, which enjoyed three separate runs in syndication from 1969 to 1989. Four contestants competed, spotted a $100 bankroll, and are shown a strange object. Four celebrity panelists also are shown the object, and then - one at a time, give their opinions as to the item's identity and purpose. After each celebrity is finished, the contestants then bet a portion of their bankroll (up to 50 percent). After the wagers have been entered, the item's true identity and function were revealed. An incorrect guess lost the bet, but those who were correct got paid according to the round: * Round 1 - Even ($25 bet was worth $25). * Round 2 - 2:1 payoff ($25 bet was worth $50). * Round 3 - 5:1 payoff ($75 bet was worth $350). The fourth and final round was the Liar's Club Gallery. The contestants were shown a piece of artwork, for which each celebrity offered a title. The contestants then entered up to their entire bankroll on which celebrity was correct. A correct guess was paid off 10:1 (so, a $200 bet won $2,000). All players kept their winnings, and the top money winner of the day won a grand prize (usually a trip, luggage and a camera). Rod Serling (yep, of The Twilight Zone was host of the first version of Liar's Club, which ran six months in syndication. The more-familiar 1970s version (which had Bill Armstrong and later, Allen Ludden as hosts) lasted three years, while Eric Boardman presided over a one-year revival in 1988.moreless