Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 19

Across the Delaware

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2002 on PBS



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    • Sarah:(Writing) I am, of course, still loyal to my king, but England faces a bigger challenge than she thought.

    • Sarah: (Writing) Dear mother, I know that I have been in the presence of a true military genius.

    • Sarah: Most Generals, when they get that much power, become dictators.

    • Washington: Are there any volunteers?
      James: (Whispering) Please, somebody!
      Private Hughes: Oh, heck! I will if someone else will! I can't fight this war alone.

    • Hessian Soldier: (After seeing Colonel Rall lying on the ground) Are you hurt?
      Rall: Yes, I've been hit. I cannot stand. I cannot move.
      Hessian Soldier: Let me see the wound.
      (Soldier moves him, and a piece of paper falls out)
      Rall: Oh, the note. Colonel Rall, Washington is crossing the Delaware. He is mounting an attack. You must rally your troops immediatly. If only I had read this note, I would not be lying here.

    • Captain: General Washington, the sleet has ruined the gun powder!
      Washington: Then use the bayonetts! Trenton must be taken!

    • James: Every man is important, Private Hughes. I'm just thinking about the cause.
      Private Hughes: I gotta admit, I ain't been thinking about the cause for a while.

    • Henri: I'm cold! Why are we doing this?
      James: C'mon, Henri! This is a chance to see history in the making!
      Henri: Oh, and maybe freeze to death, too.

    • James: (To himself) We spent the night cossing the Delaware, hoping the Hessians wouldn't catch on to Washington's plan.

    • Private Edward Hughes: Fighting for liberty is one thing, dying for nothing is another.

    • Private Edward Hughes: (After hearing about the plan to attack Trenton) And a merry Christmas to you, too! Seven days left, and we have to go and get ourselves killed!
      Henri: After that spy went back and told them everything!

    • Sarah: James! Shouldn't you be at least be as worried as I am?
      James: I am! I'm just hungrier.

    • Private Edward Hughes: Y'all hear about the spy? He got away!
      Sarah: What?!

    • Washington: Guards, take charge of the prisoner! He is unrepentant.

    • Private Edward Hughes: I signed up to fight for liberty, now I wish I'd never heard the word. It's cold, and I ain't got nothing on my feet.

    • Sarah: What will they do to him?
      James: What do you think? He's a tory spy. He betrayed his neighbors.

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  • Allusions

    • HISTORICAL CONTENT: Washington finally gets a victory when he re-crosses the Delaware River on Christmas Day, in a surprise move the British commander does not suspect. His troops defeat the sleeping Hessians at Trenton and then Washington lights campfires to make it look like his men are bunking down for the night. Instead they march to Princeton and another victory. The country celebrates; and morale is restored amongst the soldiers.