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    Maybe the war of 1812 but if you went any farther, they'd all be dead so they'd have to have new characters for the other wars....I'm a Revolutionary War addict so I kinda lose interest in wars after the Civil War anyway
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    I would love to see some episodes that simply cover all the things the original series missed. That is, episodes focused on figures like Francis Marion and Daniel Morgan, who, I believe, weren't included in the forty episodes we have. The events in the south were more or less completely neglected, which is a shame. There are so many possibilities!

    As for Liberty's Kids in different times, I would have no problem with James, Sarah, Henri and Moses simply being placed into a new time period. The only problem would be that it might be a bit confusing. Descendants would work well, or even brand new characters.

    I'd have to say the best separate period to cover would be the French Revolution, for a number of reasons. I'll give you a nice little list.

    1. If they really wanted to age the characters they could, with making them too old. Think about in. Libetry's Kids ended in 1787. James was fourteen, Sarah was fifteen and Henri was eight. Jump ahead two, years, they're still not old to the point that children couldn't relate. James would be sixteen. Sarah would be seventeen. Henri would be ten. Moses' age doesn't really matter. After everyone has aged two years they can keep them at that age for the next decade, as was done in Liberty's Kids.

    2. There would be some familiar faces. The Marquis de Lafayette was rather important, since he wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. And his good friend, Thomas Jefferson helped. Jefferson sympathized with the French Rev and was the US ambassador to France from 1784 to 1789 so he has French connections. Even if he were only to appear in letter form or by mentions of his name, it would certainly be a nice anchor. James Madison was also sympathetic to French Rev. Jon Adams, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington were not. It's possible that, were this to ever be done, they could somehow incorporate all of this into it.

    3. Henri is French. There you have it. An easy way to somehow get everyone to France!

    4. The First French Republic abolished slavery in 1794. As we all know from Liberty's Kids, James, Sarah, Henri and (of course) Moses are very much against slavery. Surely this would be something nice to occur. We just have to ignore the fact that Napoleon brought it backin 1802: ending the show before that fixes this problem.

    5. Jean-Paul Marat and his newspaper, L'Ami du Peuple would provide for an interesting plot point.

    6. The French Rev is a VERY popular period in history. People are just drawn to it, thus it would make another good topic for the kind of show Liberty's Kids was.

    7. Since the French Rev is really the next big Revolution, it seems like a very fitting follow up to a show about the American Revolution.

    8. Can you honestly say you wouldn't want a show starring an animated version of Maximilien Robespierre? Would that not be the greatest thing ever? Don't lie. You know animated!Robespierre pwns.

    And there you have it! Eight good reasons to make a Liberty's Kids sequel about the French Rev. It must be done!

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    Good idea but Libertys Kids is about American History, not French history. It's NOT indoctrinating kids with multicultural, "one world" nonsense, thankfully.
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    how about the spanish american war or the mexican american war or even manifest destiny

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